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RDR at 2018 SRS

Salem Roadster Show and Rides Done Right

Starting in 2016, Rides Done Right began appearing at the Salem Roadster Show. This is an Invitation Only show where the promoters scour the region for the best cars and invite to their show. They have stringent rules where they minimize repeats to keep the show fresh every year.

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RDR at the 2019 Salem Roadster Show

This year's show was on February 16 and 17. We are working on the videos and posting them as we get them done, so check back often for updates.

We are currently into the 2019 track season and video series, but stay tuned later this season when we finish posting videos from the 2019 Salem Roadster Show.

Coming soon... 40 Shades of Gray with Carolina Kustoms' Lonnie Thompson, Matt Ward's 64 radical Chev Truck, 67 Mustang GT500, Bob Symons Trans Am, Evans Customs, David Jothen's 32, Russ Strohmeyer's cabover.

1976 and 1977 Trans Am

Bob Symons
Trans Am

In 1976, Bob Symons bought this Special Edition Trans Am... not knowing that in one year it would be made an icon in Smokey and the Bandit. His car has a 455 with a 4 speed and one of only 110 that were made, and it has 30k original miles! It was shown next to a 1977 Trans Am that was highly modified with an LS3, sweet wheels and much more. The 77 is owned by Darren and Michelle Koenen. Bob tells us a terrific story about his girl friend and a movie theatre that was debuting the movie... which he had no idea of.

RDR Interview at SRS 11:32 minutes

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