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Disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed on the podcast are those of the hosts and guests, and they do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Larry or Rides Done Right.

In February 2019, Bill Youngblood launched his podcast to provide a venue to discuss racing, track days, bikes, riders, and more. He tries to post a podcast every Tuesday - each week, so check back often for links to the latest podcasts.

Track days to Club racing all the way to MotoAmerica, road racing in the US is making a comeback! The NWRRP's cast is comprised of fans, riders, and racers, bringing news, events, and fun banter to you, when you are waiting to head back to the track!

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  • Episode 31 - 9/10/2019 36:31 minutes

    Our racing organization has hit harder times. Mark Wilson, the newly elected OMRRA president, took some time to give us a state of the union. This episode may be very locally focused, but we discuss issues that are pretty universal to most clubs.

  • Episode 30 - 8/27/2019 36:31 minutes

    Dave, Dave, Tim, Bill, and special guest Carol Carpenter of MotoVixens discuss the dynamics of trackday and race vendors....with a lot of laughing involved!

    Also see our interviews with Carol Carpenter and more with us and MotoVixens.

    Carol Carpenter
  • Episode 29 - 8/20/2019 48:19 minutes

    Dave and Bill have the opportunity to speak with MotoVixens owner Carol Carpenter and MotoAmerica rider Caroline Olsen.

    Also see our interviews with Carol Carpenter, Caroline Olsen, and more with us and MotoVixens.

    Caroline Olsen
  • Episode 28 - 8/13/2019 42:36 minutes

    During this episode Dave and Bill have the opportunity to speak with industry name Marcus McBane of M2 Shocks. This guy has stories. So fun to listen to.

  • Episode 27 - 8/6/2019 46:36 minutes

    Dave and Bill were able to speak with Randy Smith (R6 Graveyard) and Robert Fisher (Roaring Toyz).

  • Episode 26 - 7/30/2019 47:10 minutes

    David Wright has been hard at work! We speak with Cory West (MotoAmerica, Pikes Peak, British Super Stock...etc) as well as discuss Dave Pierce's AFM round and a bit about the SuperCorn weekend!

  • Episode 25 - 7/23/2019 51:00 minutes

    Dave, Dave, Tim, and Bill were able to speak with Kevin Pinkstaff and Marcel Irnie! After almost an hour they made their getaway, but not before participating in the Autumn Coffee Roasting sponsored trivia game!

    See Larry's interview with Marcel at MotoVixens event last month.

    Marcel Irnie Evaluating
  • Episode 24 - 7/16/2019 41:32 minutes

    Tim, Dave W, Dave P, and Bill discuss the upcoming race round with OMRRA, Tim's quest to New Racer School, and the Laguna Seca round of MotoAmerica/WSBK.

  • Episode 23 - 7/9/2019 39:02 minutes

    Tim, Dave, and Bill discuss MotoE and what the future possibly holds. Bill, Dave and Larry talk about Larry's experience over the holiday with Jason Pridmore's JP43 riding school with MotoVixens at The Ridge. Note: RDR will have related videos with JP43 coming soon.

  • Episode 22 - 7/2/2019 39:27 minutes

    Dave, Tim, and Bill discuss the more subjective aspects of bike maintenance...then have a pretty interesting tire discussion. Some laughs and some real information. Great for the canyon rider as well as the track guys.

  • Episode 21 - 6/25/2019 48:35 minutes

    Adolfo, Dave, and Bill discuss some of the memorable June OMRRA race weekend moments, volunteers, working corners. Adolfo and Dave face off in the game.

  • Episode 20 - 6/18/2019 19:13 minutes

    David and Bill begin a discussion about the mental preparation aspect of racing and track riding, specifically when dealing with less than favorable conditions.

  • Episode 19 - 6/11/2019 26:25 minutes

    Larry, David, Adolfo, and Bill discuss the 6 hour endurance race hosted by OLM, MotoAmerica, and Larry's current plans before challenging New Racer School.

  • Episode 18 - 6/4/2019 32:48 minutes

    Tim, Aaron, Larry, David, and Bill discuss the stuff that we WISH we would have known before getting into track days and racing.

  • Episode 16 - 5/28/2019 27:10 minutes

    During this episode, we welcome a new member to the cast: #15 David Wright! We discuss the sponsorship aspect of club racing and how to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with getting sponsored as well as some discussion about creating opportunities for broader sponsorship on an organizational level.

  • Episode 15 - 5/21/2019 47:04 minutes

    During this episode, Adolfo, Tim, and Bill discuss OMRRA round 2. From the racer perspective as well as Adolfo's unfortunate spectator seat. Followed by the 10 Question Must game sponsored by Autumn Coffee Roasting!

  • Episode 14 - 5/14/2019 37:29 minutes

    In this episode Adolfo, Tim, Larry, and Bill tackle one of the more common questions posed on internet forums.

  • Episode 13 - 5/07/2019 50:37 minutes

    During the first segment of this episode Adolfo, Tim, Larry, and Bill discuss round one of the 2019 OMRRA race weekend, while in the second segment, they announce their new sponsor "Autumn Coffee Roasting" and play a giveaway game to the listeners!

  • Episode 12 - 4/30/2019 55:30 minutes

    In this episode Adolfo and Bill have the chance to speak with Ken Hill, of KH Coaching, The Ken Hill Podcast, and Rickdiculous Racing. This guy has had a profound impact on our sport. A down to earth discussion about where we are in the US with racing and much more!

  • Episode 11 - 4/23/2019 42:04 minutes

    Tim and Bill speak with Sam Kaufman, president of Oregon Lightweight Moto. The discussion covers OLM, but then shifts to a very informative vintage race discussion.

  • Episode 10 - 4/16/2019 42:19 minutes

    Bill, Larry, Tim, Adolfo, and Jeff discuss why some have gotten out of street riding during the first segment. During the second segment, we discuss 2019 goals...both serious and not so serious.

  • Episode 9 - 4/9/2019 47:05 minutes

    Larry, Adolfo, Tim, and Bill discuss the impact that trackdays have had on race grids during segment one, then follow on in segment two and discuss the factors which can improve our sport as a whole. The racing growth section Larry mentioned.

  • Episode 8 - 4/2/2019 30:01 minutes

    We introduce a new cast member, discuss the importance of finding the right bike for you, and where track or street. In the second half of the show, we were allowed to sit down and talk with Andrew and Suzanne Cox of Cox Racingroup about Andrew's new book "From Guiding to Riding" as well as his riding seminars.

  • Episode 7 - 3/26/2019 31:30 minutes

    Bill, Larry, Jeff, and Tim speak with Adam Black, the regional sales rep for Bridgestone tires. Adam provides a great deal of insight on tires and why the Bridgestone is a great option. See RDR photos of Adam at the track.

  • Episode 6 - 3/19/2019 23:28 minutes

    Bill, Jeff, Tim, and Larry discuss the upcoming season and why they have the gear they use at the track. See RDR related Larry's Suit/Gloves Videos

  • Episode 5 - 3/14/2019 25:13 minutes

    Travis Richards with ProCaliber Motorsports in Vancouver Washington discusses rider support programs and the company's history.

  • Episode 4 - 3/12/2019 28:30 Minutes

    Istvan Moor and 11 year old Rossi Moor discuss his budding career as he campaigns his way through the Jr.CIV league in Italy!

  • Episode 3 - 3/5/2019 28:12 minutes.

    Larry, Jeff, Tim, and Bill discuss the costs associated with racing and track days from their experiences along with a few stories of pain and suffering.

  • Episode 2 - 2/26/2019 21:46 minutes

    Larry, Jeff, Tim and Bill discuss using a smaller displacement bike to become a better rider. See RDR related PKA track photos and video


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