Road to Adventure (R2A)

by Larry Lulay

The 2020 riding season started in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were told to distance ourselves and race tracks didn't open until June... so in April I decided to get a dual sport. I've never even ridden a motorcycle off road before (like gravel or dirt) and thought this would be a good time to start exploring.

So in 2020, I am returning to tracks as usual, but when I'm not at the tracks I am entering the world of Adventure riding.

Yamaha R3
Adventure Riding

You can follow the full details of my CRF additions on my dedicated CRF250L page.

My 2020 plans include: more racer interviews, more track footage, how to get started in adventure riding, adventure rides, and as usual, lots of great photos. As with all of our video series, check back often to see updates based on our 2020 adventures.

Ride Videos

7/27/2020 - Practicing Adventure

We are extra green to to riding any kind of offroad terrain, so our goal has been to stay on gravel roads and learn how to ride them first. In preparation for the Road to Adventure series, we went out to practice using our cameras offroad, rider-to-rider communications, GPS, and most of all our riding. I mounted a camera on the top of my helmet and had my visor up and when I got home I noticed that you could glean a lot of our conversations by hearing me talking with my visor up and using the sound on the helmet camera. We don't plan on using this camera sound in the series, but because you could hear it and particularly because we got in over our heads... this video shows a portion of the ride that came out of a rookie navigation mistake.

Practicing Adventure 9:28 minutes

Practicing Adventure

NEXX X.WED2 Adventure Helmet

Helmet 1

I made a list of the top things I wanted in an adventure helmet, and why those things were important. See and hear about my comparisons, and how the helmet does at both lower and higher speeds. I did my first vlogging in this video with the internal X-COM recording to my phone's bluetooth android app.

NEXX X.WED2 Adventure Helmet Review 15:34 minutes


Supersprox on RDR CRF250L Installed

While waiting for my custom wheel decals, I decided I should freshen up my sprockets and chain to complete the look. As usual, I searched all over the web to find the best sprocket setups and found Supersprox. They minimize weight by combining an aluminum center with steel outer sprocket, and they combine them in a much better way than their competitors. If they are as good as I think, I plan on putting them on all my bikes.

Supersprox and RK Chain Installation 10:34 minutes

2020 Photos

As usual, click the photo to see higher resolution.

8/1/2020 - North Fork Ride
North Fork 1
North Fork 2
North Fork 3
7/19/2020 - Ginger Bread Adventure Ride
Ginger Bread 1
Ginger Bread 2
Ginger Bread 3
7/06/2020 - Mac Track
R3 Onboard Race Bike
R3 Racebike
R3 Onboard B Bike
R3 Backup
7/3/2020 - Silver Falls Adventure Ride
Silver Falls 1
Silver Falls 2
Silver Falls 3
6/22/2020 - Mac Track
R3 1
R3 2
R3 3
The Best of JayC Koggs
Koggs 3
Koggs 1
Koggs 2
Koggs 4