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Mark is an accomplished racer who owns and operates 2-Fast which is a track day instruction group. He is a top notch instructor, a college graduate, and he has been a multiple time number 1 plate holder in the top class of WMRRA. I've been blessed to have multiple one-on-one instruction days with him and I recommend that experience to everyone.

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2018 2Fast Recap 10:45 minutes

2018 2Fast Recap and 2019 Look Ahead

We caught up with track day organizer Mark Degross of 2Fast and went over some of the challenges of 2018. At the end we looked ahead to plans for 2019.

Pacific Raceways Recap 8:22 minutes

Pacific Raceways - 09/07/2018

When you look at this track in videos online, you simply can't get an accurate read on how far the downhill and uphill area goes. After going there, Larry now ranks Pacific Raceways as one of his favorite tracks. He rode with 2Fast owner Mark Degross and instructors Steve O and Alison Smith throughout the day. See onboard footage with various angles and hear the recap of the day with Mark and Larry.

MEGA MAC Invitational 6:15 minutes

MEGA MAC - 07/16/2018

We invited some of our friends to a private track day so we could do photos and drone footage that can only be done in a closed environment. We had never done this before, so we weren't sure if we would do it again... so we went all out with two drones, four photographers, food and a lot of water. It was a scorching 104 degrees that day and the track temp taken in the pits was over 130 degrees!

Pacific Raceways Recap 5:38 minutes

PIR - 06/14/2018

We were at Portland International Raceway riding with the crew from 2-Fast and caught up with owner Mark Degross after riding the last session of the day with him. Mark covers the half hour PIR format this year and we talk about plans for this season. This was Larry's first track day with his 2013 Yamaha R1. See photos of some of the folks on the track and an onboard snippet from Larry.

Track Day 3 - Part 2

Track Day 3 - Part 2 (Recap Show) - 18:16 minutes

ORP - 7/29/2017

At the end of the day, we got to shoot some footage on the track and we shot this recap show at the bottom middle of the half pipe. This video shows some footage in the half pipe, some onboard snippets from my bike and Mark's helmet, and we cover how the day went.
Track Day 2 - Part 1

Track Day 2 - Part 1 - 12:12 minutes

7/14/2017, Track Day 2 - Part 1

On my second day I got one-on-one instruction with 2Fast owner Mark Degross. This video contains my greeting and conversation with Mark to discuss the plan for the day and what we hoped to do to follow up the instruction a month ago with Pat O'Connor.

Track Day 2 - Part 2

Track Day 2 - Part 2 - 19:25 minutes

7/14/2017, Track Day 2 - Part 2

At the end of Track Day 2, 2Fast owner and instructor Mark Degross and I got together and went over the events of the day. Listen and see the good and bad as we cover the July 14, 2017 track day from Portland International Raceway. This video includes comparisons of Day 1 to Day 2 and shows some of the fun guys were having on the Pit exit.

Track Day 2 Bonus

Outtakes with Mark Degross - 8:06 minutes

Outtakes of Mark Degross and Larry Lulay

I decided to show a couple of behind the scenes snippets with Mark Degross after our interviews were finished. Amongst the topics we covered, you will hear comments related to Mat Mladin, Josh Hayes, Colin Edwards, and Nicky Hayden - with some photos from the 2005 Moto GP at Laguna Seca.

Side-by-Side of Day 1 and 2

Side-by-Side of Day 1 and Day 2 - 2:31 minutes

Side-by-Side of Day 1 and 2

This video shows a comparison of Day 1 (instructed by Pat O'Connor) and Day 2 (instructed by Mark Degross). For various reasons, it doesn't contain the fastest laps, but still gives an idea of some of the progression.

Track Bike Prep 13:36 minutes


While the bike was at Cycle Country getting service and prep done, Mark Degross (the owner of a track organization called 2Fast) stopped in to talk about what to expect for prep at the track. The 2Fast website has a FAQ section ( that covers most of the questions you will come up with, and whatever it doesn't cover is likely already covered in the other areas of their site. We will be spending a lot of time with Mark and his crew in future videos, so check back frequently.

Performance School - Part 1
Performance School - Part 1 - 25:45 minutes

Performance School - Part 1

Mark starts with an introduction and we go over some things about the track and what to expect, then he goes into detail on the following points:
  • Panic and Fear;
  • Ride at 80%;
  • Check Yourself on the Straights;
  • Vision - Look Further Down the Track;
  • Breathe / Exhale in the Corners.
Performance School - Part 2
Performance School - Part 2 - 16:50 minutes

Performance School - Part 2

After the 1st session, Mark covered the following points:
  • Profiling;
  • Know as Best as You Can Where Your Close Opponent's Are at All Times;
  • Wear Ear Plugs;
  • Look Through Other Riders;
  • Always PLAN a SAFE Pass;
  • Commit to the Pass;
  • See the Flags - Avoid Tunnel Vision;
  • Develop Fantastic Situational Awareness
Performance School - Part 3
Performance School - Part 3 - 16:50 minutes

Performance School - Part 3

This is the 3rd and last school video we recorded where Mark covers the following points:
  • scrubbing speed;
  • the brake is a tool to put your bike in the position to accelerate;
  • don't use the rear brake;
  • use engine compression for rear wheel braking;
  • loading the tire;
  • trail braking - longer and lighter

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2018 Friends

NEXX North America (helmets); iFairings (custom color matched fairings for the R1, R3, and Ninja); Competition Werkes (exhausts, fender eliminators, integrated lights for R1, R3, and Ninja); Bursig (stands, paddock wizard); T-Rex (R1, R3, Ninja protection, strapless tie downs); Woodcraft (rearsets R1, R3); Helite (air vest), 2-Fast (PIR and Pacific Raceways); Portland Karting Association (Mac Track); Stompgrip (body grips); Trailer prep: Condor (chocks, tie downs, and more), Western Interiors (custom floor), Heroic Racing (custom suit and gloves), Dave Moss Tuning (R3 setup), Adam Black (Bridgestone tires)