5 Caricature Drawings

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Dave Kindig

Artwork -Dave Kindig

Dave is a custom car builder and the owner of Kindig It Design in Utah. He also has a tv show called Bitchin' Rides on the Velocity channel.

Kevin "KevDogg" Schiele

Artwork -Kevin "KevDogg" Schiele

KevDogg is the foreman at Kindig It Design in Utah. In addition to an amazing work ethic, he adds comedy to Bitchin' Rides on the Velocity channel.

Nick McMillen

Artwork -Nick McMillen

Nick and Larry have been long time friends and this is a tribute to a photo gleaned after he won GT Academy.

About Lulay's Artwork

Larry has been creating custom artwork professionally since 1980. His favorite topics to draw are motorcycles, cars, and caricatures. Larry starts with a photo, and then he puts his twist on it.

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