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Posting Videos from the 2016 Salem Roadster Show

by Larry Lulay

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News -Posting Videos from the 2016 Salem Roadster Show

We have been rolling out the videos from the Salem Roadster show. See our Salem Roadster area for a current listing of videos that includes the RDR show, a walkaround with timelapse videos, driver interviews, and the bonus interview with a pro race car driver.

Audio Notice: these were our first car show videos and we found that we had a problem with mono sound that prevents sound from working on some mobile devices. This has been corrected and future videos should not have this issue.

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Sound Problems on Devices with Mono Output

by Larry Lulay

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The SRS videos where we use microphones are recorded in stereo and require stereo output (versus built in mono speaker like in mobile devices). We are seeking fixes, but in the meantime if you experience audio problems try plugging in headphones or speakers. Folks using stereo output should not have audio problems.

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