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Artwork -Chevrolay

Near the end of 2021, Larry realized it was the first time that he and both of his brothers had cool white Chevrolets at the same time, so he commemorated it with a drawing of their cars: Corvette, Camaro, Colorado truck.

Mario Pipken

Artwork -Mario Pipken

Following the 2018 Northwest Rodarama, Larry whipped up this caricature of one of the shows reoccuring participants... Mario Pipkin.

R1 Art

Artwork -R1 Art

Larry likes to exagerate attributes and played with his 2013 R1 project that will be going to the tracks in 2018.

Dave Kindig

Artwork -Dave Kindig

Dave is a custom car builder and the owner of Kindig It Design in Utah. He also has a tv show called Bitchin' Rides on the Velocity channel.