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More Adventure in 2021

by Larry Lulay

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News -More Adventure in 2021

Cars, bikes, bikes, cars... our eyes will be open as usual this year and after 2020 we've learned plans change. As usual - we have cars, bikes, and tracks on our list... and after learning that adventure riding is fun... adventure has moved to the number 1 spot for us to plan for 2021. So why not add another adventure bike to the stable... supersize it, and trick it out as well?! Standby for more bikes, more cool parts, and more fun.

2021 Road to Adventure 2

SRS and Status

by Larry Lulay

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News -SRS and Status

We have been posting videos from the 2020 Salem Roadster Show and are nearly complete. The COVID-19 pandemic prevented the Portland Roadster Show from happening this year, and has been causing havoc on race track openings, but it appears there may be some opportunities coming soon. In the mean time, we will inject other social distancing related videos as we find fun ways to fill the gap.

2020 Salem Roadster Show

2020 Update

by Larry Lulay

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We are finishing and will be posting the last of 2019 our car show videos, and then we will begin working on our 2020 Salem Roadster Show videos. After that, we plan to post the rest of our 2019 motorcycle racer profile videos before starting our summer motorcycle series. In addition, we are planning on covering a karting event in May.

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