Road to Road Racing (R2RR)

by Larry Lulay

I didn't see this coming, but two years after getting off the couch to go to my 1st track... in 2019 I will be attempting to get my racing license. In this series you will see behind the scenes activities to get the bike prepped, gear and bike tech inspected, racer school to get a license, and into racing. As with my other series, I will be featuring other racers at various levels. Planned tracks will include Portland International Raceway, The Ridge, Pacific Raceways, Oregon Raceway Park, and of course the Mac Track.

In the off season I added another bike or two, including a 2016 Yamaha R6 - which gives me the tri-fecta LOL. I'm race prepping both the R3 and the R6, but I plan on racing the funnest bike I've ever ridden on a track which is the Yamaha R3.

2019 Bikes

On 5/6/2019 I had my first practice at Mac, and have a long way to go to be ready for my first big track which will be a track I've never been to before - The Ridge in Washington.

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2019 Bikes 2

Performance and Tuning

Engine Related Performance Mods

Both bikes are bone stock, except for their Competition Werkes systems. Even if stock, everyone will say a tuner is necessary to maximize the correct settings for track riding. When adding an exhaust it will obviously lean the bike out without tuning to add more fuel.

Competition Werkes

Tuning My Bikes

We took both bikes straight over to M-Tech Motorsports in Bend Oregon to have Matt Worbes lay down the tunes on their dyno. We ran cameras in the front and rear to see and hear them on the dyno. Mark Degross of 2-Fast gives us some details and then we show the resulting dyno sheets.

M-Tech Motorcycles

Yamaha R6 Dyno Tune

The guys from Competition Werkes picked up our CW GP setup to create their first Y-Pipe and Slip-On combination (that accepts a silencer - required for some of our tracks) ever made - the pipe delivered from CW the day before leaving for the dyno.

R6 Dyno Video - 4:31 minutes

R6 on the Dyno

Yamaha R3 Dyno Tune

The guys from Competition Werkes picked up my bike and created their first Y-Pipe / Slip On combination for the Yamaha R3.

R3 Dyno Video - 3:40 minutes

R3 on the Dyno

NRS Related

Big Shane Baker

Shane's life was changed when he found the race track via track days and the support of his wife. Hear his story and see video and photos from this year's NRS. Shane is riding a GSXR 600.

Big Shane YouTube Video - 4:00 minutes

Big Shane

MotoVixens Track Day : June 2019

MotoVixens June 2019

Meet MotoVixens and owner Carol Carpenter

In June of 2019, we went to The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton WA to ride our first time with MotoVixens - and our first time at The Ridge. We attended some of their classroom sessions, got towed by some instructors, did an interview with Marcel Irnie (see our other video), got on their lean machine, and interacted with both Carol Carpenter (owner) and Troy Cook (lead instructor). In this interview, Carol tells us about MotoVixens and we share some of our first experiences. Contributing Photographer: Dane Anar

MotoVixens June 2019 Track Day Video - 6:20 minutes

Track Day 1
Track Day 2


2019 SFRC Bol d'Oregon 6 Hour Multi-Class Endurance Race at the Mac Track

Portland Karting Association

This was the first time we've attending this six hour endurance race and it was terrific! Several kinds of bikes competing at the same time, going one track direction for 3 hours and then going the other direction for the remainder of the race... including pitstops. All of this happened on a track (PKA's Mac Track in McMinnville) that enables spectators to see the entire track. The Ohvale made its debut in this race and proved dominent - as well as "Three Monkeys and a Football" - consisting of Jason Doody, Mitch Coleman, and Phil Melnyk - who won the overall event. In this video, Larry recaps the race with one of the winning riders - Jason Doody... who was very impressive to say the least. The race featured some great battles between teams and classes. The second place overall went to Alex Taylor, Hannah Johnson, and Nobi Iso's female protege Karen Ogura who flew in the night before from Japan and did great (had to live up to a lot with Alex and Hannah on that track).

Race Recap Video - 5:48 minutes

6 Hour Race


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Bikes Group 1
On Mac 1
Bikes Group 2
Bikes Group 3
Bikes Group 4
Contributing Photographers

We partner with some of the best motorsports photographers out there. See examples of photos they have contributed to our videos and links to their sites.

Dane Anar
Ryan Phillips
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