Return to Track Days (R2TD)

by Larry Lulay

In 2018, I returned to the tracks for my second season of track days. After having the best summer of my life last year, I set out to see if it was possible for it to get better. If you saw last summer, you may be asking how I could make it more epic than last year...

More bikes, more tracks, more people involved... and can you say U-P-G-R-A-D-E-S? Since last summer, I've added three bikes to the stable. I've got a faster bike with all the modern options and small bikes to practice on smaller tracks. See comparisons of my bikes on both big and small tracks. Check out the upgrades for details.

This winter, as usual we showed the bikes at the car shows. After that long winter setting everything up, I was very eager to get going. I started out at the Mac track and went nearly every week of the season. The guys were right, small track practice helped me make better progress when I went back to Portland.

Last year had its list of firsts for me, and so did this year: 1st knee down (clutch side at Mac), knee drag (clutch then throttle side at Mac), first knee drag on big track (at Pacific Raceways), first knee drag at PIR (turn 3)... and then my first crash on a track (last lap at Mac).

We continued to follow our friends from J2TD racing in OMRRA and we decided to finish the second half of the series covering their events... turned out to be a great decision as we made more friends and got to witness one of the best championship battles ever. We hosted two Invitational track days and got to know some of our new riding friends better. Lots of photos and videos for all to enjoy.

Mega Mac
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