Return to Track Days (R2TD)

by Larry Lulay

In 2018, I'm returning to the tracks for my second season of track days. After having the best summer of my life last year, I set out to see if it was possible for it to get better. If you saw last summer, you may be asking how I can make it more epic than last year...

More bikes, more tracks, more people involved... and can you say U-P-G-R-A-D-E-S? Since last summer, I've added three bikes to the stable - which now totals six bikes. I've got a faster bike with all the modern options and small bikes to practice on smaller tracks. I'll be able to do comparisons of my bikes on both big and small trackes. Check out the upgrades for details.

We will be showing the bikes with us at the car shows, and then in April we will be posting videos on everything as we get ready to go back to the tracks. Check back often to see the latest, as I'll be expanding ALL of pages as I add upgrades and a section for the track days... and in case you are wondering, we are planning on making a movie covering this series at the end of the season.

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