2018 Honda Grom

In 2019, we decided to replace our pit quad with a Grom. We use it to go back and forth covering the long distances at the tracks, to ride double into towns to eat at the end of track days, and to teach Lori how to ride (and I love riding it too).

  • Competition Werkes slip on exhaust;
  • Full lower fairing;
  • Lowered 2 inches;
  • 2 inch Bar risers;
  • Fender Eliminator;
  • Custom light show;
Honda Grom


As usual, click any of the photos with a mouse pointer change and you can click to view a higher resolution of that photo.

Taken my first day at the track in June 2020, when I saw how many Groms there were that day, I gathered us up for this photo I call Grommapoloosa 2020.

Lori Grom 1
Lori Grom 2
JJ Grom

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