KTM 390 Adventure

It was only two years ago in 2020, when I rode on gravel for the first time. I put together a CRF250L and it was nice, but not enough power when on the street riding to our off road destinations. So I put together an Africa Twin, and it was nice but way too much for a beginner off road... so I sold them both.

The search was on to find something that would be light (similar to the CRF250L)... but able to at least do 80mph without being so stressed. I found a deal on a 2020 KTM 390 with 700 miles on it, and thus started my next look into adventure.

As usual, I set out to make changes that would make the bike more unique for me, and this profile outlines the journey and results. I will update these pages as I add new stuff, so check back often to see the latest.

Top KTM 390 Adventure Accessories 6:36 minutes

KTM 390 Adventure

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Feature Details

Factory on 390

  • Lean-angle sensitive ABS
  • 43 hp
  • Traction control
  • hand adjustable suspension
  • brakes with dual channel ABS
  • LED lights
  • TFT dash with Bluetooth
  • slipper clutch
  • tubeless tires
  • 3.8 gal fuel tank

I started with a completely stock KTM 390 Adventure, and made the following updates. See the full accessories list.

Extras Installed

  • Exhaust;
  • High fender conversion;
  • TPMS;
  • Removed grab bars;
  • Top case mount;
  • White body parts;
  • Rear spools;
  • Big kickstand foot;
  • Skid plate;
  • Handguards;
  • Front signals;
  • Mirrors;
  • Rear cowl storage box, windscreen knob, fork and chain guards;

Top KTM 390 Adventure Accessories

The Design Journey

As usual, prior to ordering stuff I like to take time to do a prototype in Photoshop... to give me an idea of what I want to end up with.



I created this prototype to give me an idea of what I wanted to shoot for.

9/17/2022 - Completely Stock


Day 1


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