Yamaha R3

In my first track day season, I had been hearing from my track days buddies that one of the best ways to get better on the track was to get a small bike and do small tracks. So in 2018 I added a Yamaha R3 and although I thought all the fun and training would happen on small tracks, I found out how much fun they are on big tracks. In 2019, this was the bike I chose to focus on while getting my road racing license... and then began racing.

What were some of the reasons that I chose this bike?

  • It has Fuel Injection, so no manual choke and better tuning options;
  • It feels a little bigger than the Ninja;
  • A couple more ponies than the Ninja (to haul my bigger butt down the track);
  • Yamaha is a trusted brand that I've owned for years;
  • Comparison tests had most choosing the R3 as the best all around of the small bikes;
R3 at Pacific Raceways Turn 9

2019 Photo by Joe Salas - 4theracers.com

Competition Werkes

Competition Werkes : Y-Pipe and GP Exhaust

When I started the season, CW didn't make a y-pipe for the R3... so they came and picked up mine and created the first one. I ordered the stainless slip on (with baffle option) exhaust.

I took the R3 to M-Tech Motosports in Bend Oregon and they added a tuner, then put it on the dyno.

See and hear the R3 on the Dyno at M-Tech

Mark Degross of 2-Fast gives us some details and then we show the resulting dyno sheets.

R3 Dyno Video - 3:40 minutes

R3 on the Dyno

CW Exhaust for 2015 R3

  • Product ID: WY300-S (2015+ Yamaha R3 Standard Slip On Exhaust)
  • CW Y-pipe
  • Product ID: WX125 Baffle
CW R6 Slipon

Slip On and Fender Eliminators

Slip On Exhaust (Stainless)

Product ID: WY300 (2015+ Yamaha R3 Slip On Exhaust)

Fender Eliminator

Product ID: 1Y300 (2015+ Yamaha R3 Fender Eliminator Kit w/Lic Light & Signals)

These are photos when the stock fairings. As always, click the photos to see the larger versions.

2015 Yamaha R3 Werkes
R3 Competition Werkes FE
R3 Competition Werkes Slip Ons 2

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Woodcraft Technologies Clip-Ons

I had several reasons for switching to aftermarket clip-ons: better riding position, replaceable parts, solid mount for the hand guards. The quality is excellent - which you expect from Woodcraft. The clip-ons were a huge improvement over the stock position which totally sucks on this series R1, making this a mandatory update in my opinion. For the R3 these come in two styles: straight mount and forward mount; they suggested the forward mount since I was racing and I'm glad I went with that (although you have to mod your dashboard mount). Hand guards are mandatory for many if not all racing organizations, and don't settle for those cheap ones as they mount terribly and are basically worthless (I had them on my CBR954 in J2TD)... the Woodcraft lever guards mount really secure (note: use Blue thread lock to secure).

Yamaha R3 Clip-Ons

1.5 Inch Clip-On Riser Assembly

15-010x Hand Guard Assembly - Both Sides

STG Installation Video on R3

R3 Clip-Ons
R3 Clip-Ons 2

Woodcraft Technologies Tire Warmers

The 2019 season was my first time ever using tire warmers. I used them with my R11 Bridgestones all season and they were amazing. My pit crew (my wife) had no problems learning how to put them on and take them off quickly. The side curtains are great at holding the heat in, and their quick disconnects took the worry out of messing anything up. Make it easy on yourself and order the optional 31-2500 soft carrying cases for easy storage.

Yamaha R3 Tire Warmers

Part 30-2105 Gen III Dual Temp

R3 Warmers
R3 Front
R3 Rear

Woodcraft Technologies Rearsets

Yamaha R3 Rearset Assembly

Part 05-0403B STD Shift + Folding Toe Pieces (shifter and brake)
R3 Rearsets
R3 Rearsets WC
R3 Rearsets Mounted

Woodcraft Toe Guard

Yamaha R3 Rearset Assembly

55-1100 Woodcraft Wide Coverage Toe Guard Kit

If you race toe guards are required in most organizations. These devices help protect your body parts from getting caught between the chain and sprocket. As you can imagine, these would be wise to have on your street bikes as well (if you like all of your body parts).

Toe Guard on R6

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2018: Custom Painted R3 Fairing Kit

Custom design fairings for our track days.

Yamaha R3 Fairings
Yamaha R3 Fairings

T-Rex Racing

R3 Protection Kit

The following parts are all made of UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) and a aircraft grade aluminum 6061-T6.

Engine Stator Clutch Case Cover Savers

Part #N78-15C

Frame Sliders No Cut

Part #N78-15

Front and Rear Axle Sliders

Part #N78-15F and #N78-15R

Exhaust Frame Sliders

Part #N78-15ES
R3 Sliders
R3 Case Covers
R3 Big Slider
R3 Front Axle
R3 Strapless 2
R3 Left Side

R3 Crashed

RDR Review Video and Photos 1:26 minutes

See close up photos of the installation of T-Rex sliders, engine case covers, axle sliders, exhaust slider, spools, and their strapless tie downs setup for my 2015 Yamaha R3.

See our T-Rex Racing section for more related photos and videos.

2015 Yamaha R3 - RDR Evolution

2019 - Road to Road Racing

At the Starting Grid
Turn 9 at PIR
Straight at PIR
In Traffic
Coming to the Finish Line
Race Prep
Larry with Marcel Irnie
2019 1
2019 1
R3 and Ninja at Pacific

2018 - Return to Track Days

R3 17
2015 Yamaha R3 Leaning

Day 1

Original Yamaha R3 BodyI searched for an R3 that had this color scheme, and found a totally bone stock bike... ready for upgrades.

Some Mods

R3I blacked out the original red wheel stripes and added my wide stripes to the wheels. With Competition Werkes fender eliminator and slip on.

2018 - Return to Track Days

2015 Yamaha R3

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