Yamaha R6

Prior to the 2019 season starting, I found a pristine 2016 Yamaha R6. After my first two seasons of track day riding I determined that a 600 would be the perfect size bike for the big tracks - with size between the biggest and smallest bikes, it would have good speed with something easier to handle than the R1. With the additional ability to cripple one to have more racing options and my history with liking Yamahas, the R6 was the right choice for me.

The Road to Road Racing video series covers prep, my first track days with it, my first race with it and many comparisons to my other bikes on the same tracks.

Larry Lulay on R6 at PIR

2019 Photo by Who is Dane?

Competition Werkes on 2016 Yamaha R6

Competition Werkes GP Exhaust on Yamaha R6

Photo by Who is Dane?

I ordered the CW y-pipe and both the standard slip on (with baffle option) and their GP exhaust. Track noise restrictions vary, and it is good to come prepared in case you have to switch.

I hustled over to M-Tech Motosports in Bend Oregon and they added a tuner, then put it on the dyno.

See and hear the R6 on the Dyno at M-Tech

Mark Degross of 2-Fast gives us some details and then we show the resulting dyno sheets.

R6 Dyno Video - 4:31 minutes

R6 on the Dyno

CW Exhaust for 2016 R6

  • Product ID: WY607B-S (2006+ Yamaha R6 GP Slip On Exhaust)
  • Product ID: WY607-S (2006+ Yamaha R6 Standard Slip On Exhaust)
  • CW Y-pipe
  • Product ID: WX125 Baffle
Competition Werkes Slipon Exhaust on Yamaha R6

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Woodcraft Technologies on 2016 Yamaha R6

Woodcraft Technologies Clip-Ons

I had several reasons for switching to aftermarket clip-ons: better riding position, replaceable parts, solid mount for the hand guards. The quality is excellent - which you expect from Woodcraft. The clip-ons were a huge improvement over the stock position which totally sucks on this series R1, making this a mandatory update in my opinion. For the R3 these come in two styles: straight mount and forward mount; they suggested the forward mount since I was racing and I'm glad I went with that (although you have to mod your dashboard mount). Hand guards are mandatory for many if not all racing organizations, and don't settle for those cheap ones as they mount terribly and are basically worthless (I had them on my CBR954 in J2TD)... the Woodcraft lever guards mount really secure (note: use Blue thread lock to secure).

Yamaha R6 Clip-Ons

1.5 Inch Clip-On Riser Assembly

15-010x Hand Guard Assembly - Both Sides

Woodcraft Clip-Ons on R6
Woodcraft Clip-Ons on R6 2

Woodcraft Technologies Rearsets

Yamaha R6 Rearset Assembly

Part 05-0456B STD Shift + Folding Toe Pieces (shifter and brake)

The foot controls are one of the most vital connections you have with your motorcycle. Their Rearset Kits use OEM pedals whenever possible to give you additional options and make spares easy to find. Their Full Kits include Woodcraft's 3-piece Pedals giving an even stronger assembly and continuing their tradition of easy part replacement. The full rearset kit consists of the rearset plates, footpegs and all of the needed hardware to install the kit properly, plus a complete brake pedal and shift pedal with an adjustable toe peg.

Woodcraft R6 Rearsets

Woodcraft Technologies Tire Warmers

The 2019 season was my first time ever using tire warmers. I used them with my R11 Bridgestones all season and they were amazing. My pit crew (my wife) had no problems learning how to put them on and take them off quickly. The side curtains are great at holding the heat in, and their quick disconnects took the worry out of messing anything up. Make it easy on yourself and order the optional 31-2500 soft carrying cases for easy storage.

Yamaha R6 Tire Warmers

Part 30-2100 Gen III Dual Temp

Woodcraft R6 Warmers
Woodcraft R6 warmers Front
Woodcraft R6 warmers Rear

Woodcraft Technologies Toe Guards

If you race toe guards are required in most organizations. These devices help protect your body parts from getting caught between the chain and sprocket. As you can imagine, these would be wise to have on your street bikes as well (if you like all of your body parts).

Woodcraft Toe Guard on R6

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T-Rex Racing on 2016 Yamaha R6

T-Rex Racing: frame sliders, engine case guards, strapless tie downs

2016 Yamaha R6 with Strapless Tiedowns
R6 Left Engine Protection
R6 Right Engine Protection

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Yamaha R6 Photos

Click to see higher resolution.

Yamaha R6 at The Ridge

2019 Photo by 360 Photography

Yamaha R6 at The Ridge 2

2019 Photo by 360 Photography

Yamaha R6 at The Ridge 3

2019 Photo by 360 Photography

R6 2 at PIR

2019 Photo by Who is Dane?

R6 at PIR 1

2019 Photo by Who is Dane?

R6 at PIR 2

2019 Photo by Bob Edwards

R6 at PIR 3

2019 Photo by Bob Edwards

R6 at PIR 4

2019 Photo by Bob Edwards

Yamaha R6 at PIR by RDR 1
Yamaha R6 at PIR by RDR 2
R6 on day 1

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