Triumph Rocket 3 GT

It turns out the latest generation Rocket with a 2500cc three cylinder really is as good as those great reviews I read. I bought this bike without ever having ridden one, and after my first short ride I knew I had made the right decision for me.

As usual, I set out to make changes that would make the bike more unique for me, and this profile outlines the journey and results. I will update these pages as I add new stuff, so check back often to see the latest.


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Feature Details

In addition to having the largest production motorcycle motor in the world and the standard features that come on the R model, the GT adds the following from the factory...

Rocket 3 GT

Factory on GT

  • Heated Grips
  • Electronic Cruise Control
  • Passenger backrest
  • Upgraded wheels
  • Shaft Drive
  • 240 rear tire
  • Single Sided Swingarm

Frequently Overlooked

  • Hill Assist
  • USB hidden in small trunk
  • Aux plug by windscreen (I added a plug in for two USB)
  • Electronic Fuel Range Estimator
  • Multiple in dash configurations

I started with a completely stock Rocket GT, and made the following updates. See the full accessories list.

Extras Installed

  • Day 1: removed the rear mud flap;
  • TPMS;
  • Swapped the OEM mirrors for arrows;
  • Tred Wear - custom tire lettering;
  • Triumph Aux Source - to give me a clean way to use my battery tender;
  • Triumph tank pads;
  • Competition Werkes - exhaust;
  • Triumph Pannier setup
  • Tinted windscreen - double bubble look with a dark tint;

Coming Soon

  • Lamonster Garage - highway pegs, RAM mount;
  • 2WDW tune;
  • Triumph Quick Shift;
  • Triumph bluetooth connectivity;
  • Triumph R mid controls;
CW Installed


As usual, click the photo to see higher resolution.


7/28/2022 - The Windows

Window 1

7/28/2022 - The Windows

Window 2

7/25/2022 - Oregon Coast

Beach 1

7/25/2022 - Oregon Coast

Beach 1

7/18/2022 - Silver Falls 1

Silver Falls

This is a very popular destination in our local area.

7/18/2022 - Detroit Dam

Day 1

This was my first day out riding the Rocket.

The Design Journey

As usual, prior to ordering stuff I like to take time to do a prototype in Photoshop... to give me an idea of what I want to end up with.



I created this prototype to give me an idea of what I wanted to shoot for... the final versions will show how close I got.

7/15/2022 - Completely Stock


Day 1