Until this year, I'd had eight Camaro Z-28's and two Corvettes. After a stint without a nice performance car, I decided to get one once again. The SS performance was much more than I expected and satisified me enough to bypass a Corvette.

Car Specifications

2017 50th Anniversary Camaro SS1

The SS1 is pretty loaded, but left room for some upgrades, so as usual I will be documenting my upgrades online. Check back every so often to see what I've added.

Tinted Windows

Once you get used to having tinted windows, it is hard to think about having a vehicle without them. I would never trust tinting my windows to some friend of a friend or whatever... professional jobs with professional products are the only way to go.

Tinted Windows

More Photos

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10/17/2021 - Independence OR

Camaro at Monmouth
Camaro 1 at Monmouth
Camaro 2 at Monmouth

Chevrolay Caricature

Chevroley Car Caricature

When I got my Camaro in 2021, I realized that both of my brothers and I all had cool looking white Chevrolets at the same time. Consequently, I felt inspired to create this rendering. I found the base Camaro drawing online and tweaked it to better match my car, then went deep on both my brother's car and other's truck. Wrapping the bowtie and mixing the Chevrolet name with our last name added some of the fun.