RAM Truck

I bought a 2014 RAM 1500 truck to have the power I needed to pull my trailer. As usual, I began making mods to make the truck more unique and to match the theme of my bikes.

Truck Specifications

2014 RAM 1500 4x4 quad cab with 5.7 Hemi

Unless you have been living on another planet, you have noticed vehicle prices going crazy... especially on trucks! I found this out when I went looking at new trucks and in 2021 it made more sense for me to just put more money in my current truck... so entered the second chapter of the RAM truck and continued the upgrades. Check back on occasion to see the latest updates.

Stance and Wheels

Fortunately for me, the truck already came with air bags to level the back when hauling. I added a 2 1/2 inch leveling kit to get the stance right. Then I put Fuel Hostage 20x9 with +1 offset.

RAM Wheels

GenY Hitch

GenY Hitch

Even though the hitch is duplicated in the trailer section, it can be attached to the truck without the trailer, so I'm including it here as well.

GenY Hitch

My other trailer had a flat nose and I used stabilizers. My new longer trailer is a VNose and my stabilizers are too long. There might be shorter ones available, but when I was at the trailer manufacturer for warranty work they showed me the GenY Hitch and showed me how the torsion part absorbs lots of the trailer movement which affects the truck much less. I put it on my "want" list. I sent them the specs for my truck and they let me know I needed the 2 inch Class V, 16K, 7.5 inch drop; Torsion Hitch, Versa-Ball & Pintle.

Hitch on Truck

See more details and photos on our GenY Hitch page.

RDR Gen-Y Hitch Review 3:03 minutes


In 2021 I teamed up with American Trucks after searching for options for the truck. The lights were an easy way to make my truck look more modern, without breaking the bank.

RAM Truck Upgrades - LED Headlights Tail Lights 3:11 minutes


Raxiom LED Halo Projector Headlights

Chrome Housing; Clear Lens (09-18 RAM 1500 w/ Factory Halogen Non-Projector Headlights)

Raxiom LED Tail Lights

Black Housing; Smoked Lens (09-18 RAM 1500 w/o Factory LED Tail Lights) Item R110172

Bugflector II Hood Shield

Dark Smoke (09-18 RAM 1500, Excluding Rebel) Item R110764

Custom Decals

Folks generally customize for two reasons. 1) Trying to improve the looks and it's ok to duplicate something that we saw and liked; 2) To make our stuff original.

Most of us have gone through various stages with decals - either stripping every single one off, or putting some on. As an adult, I hadn't thought of putting decals on a vehicle until I found a good decal guy. I did racing stripes on a Mini Cooper and liked how it turned out - plus I had them done in a way that was unique.

Decal Back

I had already done the trailer myself, and after a lot of time in PhotoShop and determining that I preferred the decaled version to the plain version - I ordered the stripes. The rolls of striping tape cost around $150, so when you do this it means you are committed (don't get me wrong, if I hate it I will rip it off and torch it). Spacing and alignment is critical, so I took a lot of time with this (using thread for long straight lines) and tape (for spacing). The angle cuts had to be cut out, and even with a paper cutter I couldn't figure it out (insert wife/helper here). The biggest challenges were the angle stripes on the back, particularly where they came to transitions.

Larry Tips

(not professional, so take it or leave it)

Take your time, keep your decals wet until they are exactly where you want them (essential for long wide strips).

Decal Hood

Tinted Windows

Once you get used to having tinted windows, it is hard to think about having a vehicle without them. I would never trust tinting my windows to some friend of a friend or whatever... professional jobs with professional products are the only way to go. Trim and Tint has done my vehicles for years and we have never had to return for a fix... not once. Always look good, even after years.

Tinted Windows
Trim and Tint

More Photos

As usual, click the photo to see higher resolution.


After Raxiom Lights

Raxiom RAM 1
Raxiom RAM 2
Raxiom RAM 3
Raxiom RAM 4
Raxiom RAM 5

7/23/2018 - RAM at The Mac Track

RAM Truck 1
RAM Truck 2
RAM Truck 3


Before I get far into upgrades on anything I get, I like to use PhotoShop to get an idea of what it will look like when done... then I make decisions based on that.

Animated RAM

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