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After 25 years of growth, presence in new markets and learning every day from their clients and users, 2017 represented a significant moment for their brand when they won the German Desing Award, and their SH36 side cases became the most awarded case in the market.

Their facilities are equipped with installations that allow them to control every point on their chain-of-value, resulting in improved efficiency and quality in terms of both development and production. They also have a technical office and production center in Shanghai that provide support for their operations outside Europe. | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


  • 2021: Road to Adventure 2 (Honda Africa Twin)
  • 2015: Project Diavel (Ducati Diavel)

SHAD USA in Road to Adventure 2

Road to Adventure 2

I made my first SHAD investments when I setup my Ducati Diavel. Since I already knew and trusted their quality, when I decided to get an adventure bike, I looked to see what they have to offer for the Africa Twin. Their new Terra line of products is built tough and offers excellent options to make the luggage equipment extremely versatile to help with the bounty of different kinds of adventures I go on (everything from the quick rides to lunch, overnight adventures, and everything in between).

SHAD's one key Top/Side cases video.

Africa Twin with Bags

Featured SHAD Products

  • TERRA TR47 (D0TR47100L) and TR36 (D0TR36100R) Aluminum Side Cases
  • TERRA 47 Liter Inner Bag (X0IB47)
  • Inner Mesh Net (X0TR01)
  • 4P Side Case Fit Kit (H0FR194P)
  • TERRA TR37 Aluminum Top Case (D0TR37100)
  • TERRA Top Backrest (D0RI75)
  • TERRA Aluminum Rack (D1BTRPA)
  • Tank Bag PIN System (X0SE04P)
  • PIN System Fitting Plate (X010PS)
SHAD Sideracks Top Plate
SHAD Inner Soft Bag
SHAD Inner Mesh
SHAD Topcase
SHAD Backrest
SHAD Tankbag

SHAD USA in Project Diavel

SHAD Project Diavel

I made my first SHAD investments when I setup my Ducati Diavel. This project was the most extensive motorcycle profile site I had built to date. The project featured the first ever SH36 sidebags and SHAD backrest for the Ducati Diavel in the United States. The associated videos I did covered installation and three of the multi-day rides I went on... one 3 day ride to CA and up the coastline (called Epico Giro), and two 3 day large group rides in WA.

I have tons of details, photos, and links to the videos I created in my Project Diavel SHAD section.

SHAD Diavel Videos

SHAD Diavel Photos

Diavel with SHAD
SHAD Sideracks Top Plate
SHAD Topcase