Honda Africa Twin

After a lifetime of riding litre bikes on the street, I never had an urge to ride offroad... until COVID-19 shut everything down in 2020. I decided to get my feet wet with a CRF250L, and after a season I determined this kind of street riding was where I would be going for the next several years.

Consequently when I found a great deal on an Africa Twin, I decided to do to it what I've done with my other bikes... deck it out with good stuff - then go have fun.

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Full Adventure Accessories List

I gathered up everything that I've got for the bike, gear, and camping so far and put them in lists with photos and prices.

See the link to the Top Accessories video where I show you my picks that were based on my experience and riding style target... and it can help guide you to your own pick list. The video lists the accessories by looks, protection, and touring.

Top Africa Twin Accessories 9:49 minutes

Top Accessories


As usual, click the photo to see higher resolution.

7/24/2021 - Wheel Decals

After delays in getting my wheel decals, I finally broke down and just made my own (not advised). After a lot of work, I think they turned out ok... but I still don't know how those decal guys can afford to stay in business (takes me way too long to do).

Africa Twin with Bags
CRF250L and CRF1000L Africa Twin


Some of the bigger additions were installed and ready for wheel decals and trinkits coming next.

Dash Close Up
Dash Close Up
SHAD Rack System
Side Close Up

The Design Journey

Various interruptions and COVID type things delayed the primary completion, but it started in October and the main stuff was finally ready near the end of July.



I created this prototype to give me an idea of what I wanted to shoot for... the final versions will show how close I got.

10/15/2020 - Completely Stock

Day 1

Day 1

7/24/2021 - Ready to Ride

Africa Twin without Bags

Most of the mods are installed, and ready to start riding... the final results will be posted in a Best Of video at the end of the season.

2021 Video Series

Road to Adventure 2

My Africa Twin is one of the featured bikes in the 2021 Road to Adventure 2 video series.


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