RDR Speedway

RDR Speedway

In the summer of 2016, while looking for a birthday present for his grandson - Larry got a taste of 1/32 digital slot car racing... and he got bit hard. Thus began the search for all cool things 1/32. RDR Speedway is the result of a lot of work, searching, buying, waiting - rinse, repeat.

See the videos and click any photo below to see the higher resolution version.

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Watch the ACTION video, now on YouTube.
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This PHOTOS video will show you details the video didn't.

About RDR Speedway

This is a 1:32 SCX Digital track. It contains roughly 3 track sets, plus special track accessories like the bridge, big banked corner, and various corner/straight pieces to make the configuration work. The Safety Car cruises around that track as a ghost car driving itself, great to have the "extra player". The buildings are all from Carrera - five grandstands, control tower, 32 pit garages, 9 VIP buildings, Dunlop pedestrian bridge, two marshal stands, and a 4 foot functional crane. The digital expansions include - 6 player pit extension, 6 player lap counter, and 6 player chronometer (for best track times). Larry designed and made all of the RDR signs. There are over 100 custom people and lots of furniture and tools throughout the whole layout.

Note: the photos show lots of cars from each class, but the track is limited to six competitors (based on the limits of the fueler, laps, and position electronics).

Catch Fence
The catch fence isn't just for looks, it gets used regularly at the end of the fast 4 lane straight.
RDR Gasoline Alley
See more photos of RDR's Gasoline Alley below.
Pit Row
See more photos of pit row below.
These cars are really forgiving - allowing many moments where "Rubbin's Racin'".

2nd Jr 88
Larry has been a long time Jr. fan and the only one allowed to drive 88 on this track.
Greg Biffle
Greg Biffle is our NW guy, so we definitely like to support him.

Corvette Safety Car
This is our safety car. It can cruise around the track by itself, giving us an extra competitor.
GoPro Onboard
This is our onboard setup. Currently looking to replace the GoPro with a small 1080p bullet action cam.
This class has working lights, which makes it real fun when the lights are dimmed or out. Porsche, Corvette, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin, and Ferrari. We've got some cool plans to do some great lighting for the track, buildings, and special areas.
GT 1
GT 2
Aston Martins

As in real life, the F1 cars are fastest and it is a lot of effort keeping those "ponies" under control.
F1 2
F1 3
F1 White Petronas
F1 Red Ferrari

RDR - Gasoline Alley

The pit area currently has 28 garages. There are 7 observation VIP areas in the pit area (two more VIP areas under the bridge and in front of the grandstands), a control tower, access bridge, helicopter pad, eating area, and show area for my Northwest Rodarama lowrider friends at EZ Duz It Seattle Car Club.

RDR Gasoline Alley
Control Tower
Pit Garages 1
Pit Garages 2

Pit Garages 3
EZ Duz It
Geno Pizza
RDR Crane

RDR Grandstands
RDR Under Bridge
RDR Lower Grandstand
Pit Lane

Dunlop Pedestrian Bridge
RDR Safety Crew
RDR Lap Counter
Life Flight Helicopter

RDR Speedway Sponsors

Norvac Electronics Consulting and providing us with easy and hard to find electronics.
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