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As of 8/15/2019, Andy is still the fastest person to ever lap Portland International Raceway on a motorcycle. He is a professional racer that spans about every type of competitive thing you can do on a motorcycle. He is also a talented artist that creates many of the designs you see and does custom decals, and he does custom videos that tie in beautifully with his YouTube channel. Many of us can atest that Andy is the biggest multi-purpose motorcycle star in the NorthWest and one to watch when you come to see any events that he shows up to.

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10/27/2019: Andy DiBrino's Motorcycle Road Racer Profile

The fastest official motorcycle lap time at Portland International Raceway was set by Andy in 2018 on his 2016 Yamaha R1. Road racing, Super Hooligan, Nitro World Circus, motocross, stunt riding... when it comes to riding motorcycles, Andy is one of the most versatile you will find that do this at a high level. In this interview he covers his beginnings on his way from small, to vintage, then to SV650, 600, and 1000 racing classes. Hear how he set track records at The Ridge, Chuckwall, and Portland International Raceway. He even talked about training opportunities and plans for next year. See video snippets of him practicing for Nitro World Circus and riding Larry's Yamaha R3 at The Mac Track, and photos of him doing stunts that include a 360 back flip onto his air bag.

Andy's Interview 47:08 minutes

September 2019: Hanging out with Andy at The Mac Track

See footage of Andy practicing for Travis Pastrana's Nitro World Circus and then doing laps both directions on Larry's R3.

Andy Hanging Out 8:49 minutes

Road Racing Highlights

2019 MotoAmerica Stock 1000 2009 Yamaha R6 4th at Laguna Seca
9/25/2018 PIR Portland Open Supersport 2016 Yamaha R1 Lap Record 1:05.228
2017 OMRRA Formula Ultra Yamaha R1 Title Champion
2016 PIR Portland 600 Supersport 2009 Yamaha R6 Lap Record 1:07.215
2014 OMRRA Clubman Champion
9/17/2013 PIR Portland 600 Supersport 2013 Yamaha R6 Chicane Lap Record 1:14.719

RDR Andy Dibrino Photos

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Andy 7

Andy riding Larry's stock setup R3 (except for full Competition Werkes system) - note: if you look close you will see Andy's foot dragging, since the B bike has stock rearsets!

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Andy 2
Andy 3
Andy 5

Andy 9a
Andy 9b
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Andy 9d

We got this cool shot of Andy as he wheelied by on his way to winning the 2018 Kelly Johnson Pitbike race at an OMRRA event.

Andy Pitbike

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