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Portland Karting Association

Portland Karting Association

Portland Karting Association's sprint track is located in McMinnville, Oregon and is nicknamed "Mac Track" due to it's location. The 14 turn, 6/10-mile long sprint track and accompanying 1/5-mile paved speedway oval were built by PKA in 2001 and underwent some refinements in 2002. The sprint configuration is wide enough to accommodate passing at many different places on the track and technical enough for even the most experienced racer. It incorporates a variety of turns and includes a small elevation change. The facility has a large pre-grid area with enough paddock space to accommodate the largest national events. Open practice and testing is available at the Mac Track typically Monday through Thursday and the Saturday before each club event. National and regional events usually include a Friday practice day as well.

One Lap at the MAC Track


Night Kart Race

PKA was able to pull some strings to get lights for a night race and we were there to cover it. 2020 has been a difficult year with COVID issues that have affected everyone, but PKA President Michael Schorn let us know that they were blessed to be in a county that was among the first to have some of the restrictions lifted. In this video you will hear about how PKA got through it, and then we focused on the night race. You will see lots of photos and video of some of the action.

Night Race at Mac Video - 8:53 minutes

2020 Night Race
2020 Back View of Pits
2020 Kart Crash

2019 Highlights

Andy DiBrino Practicing for Nitro World Circus and on R3

See one of the most versatile motorcycle racers out there practice Super Hooligan on a kart track for Travis Pastrana's Nitro World Circus. Then the currect Portland International Raceway track record holder gets on Larry's Yamaha R3 and rides the track both directions. We used video cameras on the side of the track and on the R3's.

Check out more at Andy's racer profile page in our Racer Profile section.

Andy at Mac Video - 7:33 minutes

Larry and Andy

Kart Racing at The Mac Track in McMinnville Oregon with Portland Karting Association

On August 11 2019 we covered a Portland Karting Association kart racing event and got some terrific access for photos and video recording all day. We had cameras directly beside the track, on karts, and in the pits. After the event, we chatted with the race director (Keith Opzeeland) about the great racing we saw and the variety of racing classes.

Kart Race Recap Video - 7:33 minutes

Kart 1
Kart 2
Kart 3
Kart 4
Kart 5
Kart 6

2019 SFRC Bol d'Oregon 6 Hour Multi-Class Endurance Race at the Mac Track

This was the first time we've attending this six hour endurance race and it was terrific! Several kinds of bikes competing at the same time, going one track direction for 3 hours and then going the other direction for the remainder of the race... including pitstops. All of this happened on a track (Mac Track in McMinnville) that enables spectators to see the entire track. The Ohvale made its debut in this race and proved dominent - as well as "Three Monkeys and a Football" - consisting of Jason Doody, Mitch Coleman, and Phil Melnyk - who won the overall event. In this video, Larry recaps the race with one of the winning riders - Jason Doody... who was very impressive to say the least. The race featured some great battles between teams and classes. The second place overall went to Alex Taylor, Hannah Johnson, and Nobi Iso's female protege Karen Ogura who flew in the night before from Japan and did great (had to live up to a lot with Alex and Hannah on that track).

Race Recap Video - 5:48 minutes

6 Hour Race

2018 Highlights

One Lap with Yamaha R3 and Ninja 250

One Lap at Mac

We compiled the on board cameras from three of the bikes at MEGA MAC 2 into a single one lap comparison. It features Alex Taylor (a top OMRRA racer with multiple years experience on MAC), Kumpy Kump (a top OMRRA racer his first day at MAC), and Larry Lulay (a track day rider in first year at MAC). These were random samples (not necessarily their fastest laps), but give a nice comparison.

One Lap Comparison 2:03 minutes

Portland Karting Association

2nd Mac Track Invitational

For the second time in 2018, I reserved the MAC Track for an invitation only day with some of my OMRRA racing friends which included Jeremy Coffey, Adolfo Valdovinos, Alex Taylor, Kumpy Kump, Bill Youngblood (TURN3 Racing), and Pearce Lutz (TURN3 Racing and Lutz Racing). Lori Lulay was our only photography for the day, but she did a great job covering our play day.

Group 1
Jeremy Coffey
Alex Taylor
Kumpy Kump
Portland Karting Association

MEGA MAC - Biggest RDR Video Shoot Ever

We had drones and cameras out all day capturing cool photos of our private track day at the Mac Track on 07/16/2018. We collected a bounty that we will be posting the rest of the year.

Mark Brit
Bill Dave
Portland Karting Association

1st Practice with One-on-One Instruction at the Mac Track

See lots of photos and the video link from my 1st day of instruction at the Mac Track with Bill Youngblood on 07/02/2018.

Recap Show
R3 Hz
Ninja 250 - Bill 1
Larry and Bill