2020 Salem Roadster Show

2020 Salem Roadster Show Recap

Five Competing Vehicles

2020 was our 5th year covering the Salem Roadster Show. 2020 marked several firsts for the SRS... it was their first competition year where five of the invited vehicles competed for the 1st Pacific Northwest Emerald Award. It was also their first year expanding to two buildings, which offered even more examples of the variety they've had in the past.

This video highlights some of the top vehicles in both buildings, covers highlights of the top 5 competing vehicles, and you can see and hear several fun exits. Shortly after this show, the whole world was shut down from COVID.

RDR 2020 Recap Show 22:11 minutes

2020 Profiles

1947 Ford Cabover called FIASCOE

Owned by Jeff & Jaime Chambers

Jeff is a 36 old walnut farmer out of California and he built one of the nicest looking cabovers you will ever see. In this interview he give us the build details and we capture lots of photos and video of the truck's hydraulics in action. This truck called FIASCOE competed in the top 5.

RDR Profile at SRS 6:26 minutes


1955 Chevrolet Nomad called MODMAD

Owned by Glen and Peggy Jahnke

Tommy Carr customized this highly detailed Nomad for owners Glen and Peggy Jahnke. The video includes lots of photos highlighting their efforts that result in accolades where ever this car goes. This car competed in the top 5 of the first ever Pacific Northwest Emerald Award.

RDR Profile at SRS 9:54 minutes


Chipman's 1941 Willys with 502

Owned by Chip & Bernie Chipman

Chip has collected cars his whole life and always wanted to build a Willys show car. We caught up with him in Salem to see the cummulation of his dream fulfilled as he was one of five invited to compete for the first ever Pacific Northwest Emerald Award. He talked about the struggles to pick a color and identified his favorite part of the car.

RDR Profile at SRS 6:24 minutes


Twin Turbo 1941 Dodge Pickup called The Beast

Owned by Jerry & Josie Kjensrud

The Beast is a custom truck that is the brain child of owner/builder Jerry Kjensrud. Although he takes great care of his toys, he does not have these gems for folks to gaze upon in the stationary position only... he likes his creations to experience their potential and The Beast is no exception. In this interview you will see some of the extents of his creative ability and we also provide a video link of The Beast hauling down the 1/4 mile. Jerry defines a true hot rodder and is a terrific ambassador of this hobby.

RDR Profile at SRS 5:21 minutes

The Beast

1959 Chevrolet Impala

Owned by Dennis & Patty Rich

Our YouTube stats have shown conclustively that our followers have watched more of our Impala videos than any other, so whenever we see a nice one we like to make sure you get to see it. We spotted this beauty at the 2020 Salem Roadster Show. Plus look for the embedded video links to our other Impala videos.

RDR Profile at SRS 1:46 minutes


1964 C10 540 Blown Chevy Truck

Matt Ward

We interviewed Matt at the 2019 SRS, but since he was competing in the 1st ever PNWEA, we are duplicating the links to the video here so you don't have to search for it.

When you look closely, the detail and execution is top level. Matt Ward has extensively modified and improved this truck and he shared that one of the update terms was brought about after an incident where he had finally talked his wife into riding that resulted in some un-timely investigating of the truck's performance possibilities. The truck is dedicated to his son Bob and Matt shared a story about some burnouts related to Bob.

RDR Interview at SRS 8:18 minutes

Red Truck
Red Truck 2

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