2019 Salem Roadster Show

Recap of the 2019 Salem Roadster Show

Greg Meyer and Larry Lulay

Larry and Greg cover highlights of the show, where they talk about and show some snippets of the full interview videos (links below), photos of great cars that weren't in interviews, and video of the cars exiting.

RDR 2019 Recap Show 20:49 minutes

Craig Wick Build
Orange Chevy
Pawn Stars Car

2019 Interviews

40 Shades of Grey 1940 Ford Pickup

Lonnie Thompson

There aren't enough great adjectives to describe this amazingly clean and mean truck. This is now our favorite build to come out of Lonnie Thompson's Carolina Kustoms. In this interview he tells us about the build and his experience with it at SEMA where they parked it at the front door. See some great photos, some video of Lonnie opening some of the parts, and see the owner drive it out after the show.

RDR Interview at SRS 11:27 minutes

40 Shades 1
40 Shades 2

1964 C10 540 Blown Chevy Truck

Matt Ward

When you look closely, the detail and execution is top level. Matt Ward has extensively modified and improved this truck and he shared that one of the update terms was brought about after an incident where he had finally talked his wife into riding that resulted in some un-timely investigating of the truck's performance possibilities. The truck is dedicated to his son Bob and Matt shared a story about some burnouts related to Bob.

RDR Interview at SRS 8:18 minutes

Red Truck
Red Truck 2

41 Chevy Cab Over

Russ Strohmeyer

Russ Strohmeyer Cab Over

Russ is the DJ at many car show events and he has a custom trailer equiped with all of his cool sound equipment. He has been building this COE for years, and he finished it enough this year to start pulling his trailer. It is powered with a Cummins 12 valve diesel motor, gets great fuel mileage and looks terrific. He talks about the build and the product he uses to enable it to be unpainted until he decides if he will paint it.

RDR Interview at SRS 4:32 minutes

32 Ford 5 Window Coupe

David Jothen

David Jothen 32

David has been in the car hobby his whole life. In addition to running one of the premiere NW car sites on the web (PDX Car Culture), he is the forrmer Producer of the Portland Roadster Show and a member of the Portland Roadster Show Hall of Fame. This great looking 32 is his most recent addition to his collection, and the third car he has shown at Sale. It would be the pride of many car enthusiasts.

RDR Interview at SRS 6:59 minutes

1976 and 1977 Trans Am

Bob Symons

Trans Am

In 1976, Bob Symons bought this Special Edition Trans Am... not knowing that in one year it would be made an icon in Smokey and the Bandit. His car has a 455 with a 4 speed and one of only 110 that were made, and it has 30k original miles! It was shown next to a 1977 Trans Am that was highly modified with an LS3, sweet wheels and much more. The 77 is owned by Darren and Michelle Koenen. Bob tells us a terrific story about his girl friend and a movie theatre that was debuting the movie... which he had no idea of.

RDR Interview at SRS 11:32 minutes

1967 GT500 Eleanor Mustang

Les Stuart


This car is built by Big Daddys Motor Cars in California, and it is built to drive. Les Stuart used his deep smooth voice to tell Allen about it. We caught some nice photos of it and captured Les when he drove it out.

RDR Interview at SRS 4:05 minutes


Greg talks about the differences of Cobras at the show.

RDR Profile at SRS 2:54 Minutes

RDR at 2019 Salem Roadster Show

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