Honda CRF250L

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we were told to distance ourselves and none of the race tracks were open... so I decided to get a dual sport. I've never even ridden a motorcycle off road (like gravel or dirt) before and thought this would be a good time to start exploring.

If you know me and/or looked around my website - you know I'm not too good at leaving anything stock... so let the modifications begin.

Featured Mods

2019 Honda CRF250L

Full Adventure Accessories List

I gathered up everything that I've got for the bike, gear, and camping so far and put them in lists with photos and prices. In addition to current accessory photos and prices, see the link to the video of the Top 25 accessories where I attempt to rank the things I think are the most important to get based on my entry level riding and the CRF250L.

Top 25 Accessories


As usual, click the photo to see higher resolution.

October 2020 - IMS Tank

2019 Honda CRF250L - with IMS

2019 Honda CRF250L - Before IMS

September 2020 - Upgraded the Bike

Enter Dual Sport Sweetness

In September 2020, I bought a beautiful 2019 and have been migrating the accessories from the 2014 and adding stuff that would not work on the newer year.

This bike has never been off the street, and it is so nice I kinda hate to do it... kinda.

2019 Honda CRF250L - Pipeside

Said Goodbye

I removed some of the options and prepped my 2014 Honda CRF250L for sale. It was a great bike, and I liked it so much I decided to get a newer one.

2014 Honda CRF250L

9/04/2020 - Labor Day Overnight Adventure

Labor Day weekend in 2020 was my first for many things... all wrapped into one great adventure:

  • 1st over night camping trip with motorcycles;
  • 1st ever camping without a camp site;
  • 1st ever riding off road in the dark;
  • by far, the most difficult terrain I've ridden so far... happened in the dark, and then continued the next morning.

Overnight 1

I started at 7:30AM and met my racing pals - Jason and Alex both riding DRZ400's.

Overnight 1

We pulled into the trees in the middle of the night and setup camp in the dark.

Other Rides

Snow Peak 1

8/17/2020 - Snow Peak Adventure Ride

Elkhorn Lake 2

8/15/2020 - Elkhorn Lake Adventure Ride

North Fork 1

8/1/2020 - North Fork Adventure Ride

CRF250L Ginger Bread Ride

7/19/2020 - Ginger Bread Adventure Ride

CRF250L Ginger Bread Ride 2

7/19/2020 - Ginger Bread Adventure Ride

Silver Falls 7/3/2020

7/3/2020 - Silver Falls Adventure Ride

Day 1

4/15/2020 - Day 1

2014 Honda CRF250L Stock

Stock 2014 Honda CRF250L

2020 Video Series

Road to Adventure
Road to Adventure banner

My CRF250L was one of the featured bikes in the 2020 video series and is featured again in 2021 along with my 2017 Honda Africa Twin.