Adventure Accessories for Honda CRF250L

As usual, prior to starting my trek into adventure riding I read in forums, watch lots of videos, and talk to riders with experience to identify the list of things I would want and need. I try to create a full list, along with the estimate cost of each item on the list... and then I prioritize the list. The purchase order frequently changes when I find good prices that make sense to by them at a time I can get the best deal... and of course dependent on how much liquid cash I have available at the time.

I ranked the top 25 accessories for the CRF250L based on beginning entry level riding (as of 11/20/2020) - Top 25 Accessories 12:17 minutes

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Updates Since 12/2020

Check back regularly to see accessory additions since the Top 25 Accessories video was posted in 12/2020.

2019 Honda CRF250L - with IMS

Bike Accessories

Accessory Featured Brand Retail
IMS Tank Large Tank

The OEM tank is WAY too small, and a larger tank is a MUST have on this bike. Stay tuned when we show you why we went with the IMS 3.5 tank 112251-N2 on our 2019... spoiler: OEM cap compatible, largest we could find, moulded body parts with matching included hardware.

IMS Products $375
PMR Rack for CRF250L Rear Luggage Rack

Life time warranty and will work with their side racks.

Precision Motorcycle Racks $94
PMR Side Rack for CRF250L Side Luggage Racks

They give your bags more strap options and prevent them from getting burned.

Precision Motorcycle Racks $124
PMR Alumirack Expansion Plate for CRF250L Alumirack Expansion Plate

This plate has pre-drilled holes for rotopax, plus give you a larger footprint and more strap points.

Precision Motorcycle Racks $57
Supersprox Sprockets Supersprox Sprockets

The best sprockets in the industry. I went with 13T front 42T rear. See the installation video .

All Balls Racing Group $149
RK X-Ring Chain RK X-Ring Chain

Take good care of your X-Ring chain and it will last a long time.

All Balls Racing Group $89
Rimwrapz Custom Rim Decals

These are the 1st set of RimWrapz on a CRF250L, and my bikes are featured in their official installation video .

RimWrapz $199
Crash Cage Crash Cage

You might fall, or maybe the wind will blow your bike over (I saw that happen this year)... a crash cage is an excellent option to help protect your parts. T-Rex Racing makes super strong stuff that mounts solid and works. .

T-Rex Racing $150
Atlas Throttle Lock Atlas Throttle Lock

I'm trying their bottom mount on my CRF250L and the top mount on my Africa Twin. I've used three others, so it will be interesting to compare them. Check out the accessories video at the end of the year to see how it went.

Atlas $135

I searched and determined the best TPMS for me to try was the new Fobo 2 system which is BlueTooth 5.0 and will work nicely with my integrated helmet... giving me an audible alarm if the tire is under the allowed PSI. This will be on my Africa Twin, CRF250L, and my Tandem axle trailer. Video coming in 2021.

Fobo $99
Spark Arrestors Spark Arrestors

Fisch Moto in Canada manufactures spark arrestor inserts that have been approved by the USFS.

Fisch Moto $79
Rear Spools Rear Spools

Even though the CRF250L is a small and lighter bike, it is still a bit of a chore to put it on the stand... at least if you compare that to lifting it with a rear stand using spools. Consequently it was a "no brainer" to spend just $39 to put spools on the back of my bike. Lubing the chain is suddenly much easier!

T-Rex Racing $39
Fastway Pegs Adventure Pegs

I looked all over the web for the largest pegs I could find. Fastway's Adventure pegs are the largest, and probably the most expensive... but I plan to keep them forever and just always move them to whatever bike needs them (you buy the fit kits separate).

Fastway $280
SRC Moto Seat Lower Height Seat

If you watched the Top 25 video, you heard me whine about how tall this bike is... this seat helps.

SRC Moto $248
SRC Moto Skid Plate Skid Plate

If you watched the Top 25 video, I ranked it but hadn't gotten one... until now.

SRC Moto $108
SRC Frame Guards Frame Guards

The photos of my 2019 in the Top 25 video had some used less cool looking frame guards... so I upgraded with these.

SRC Moto $78
Headlight Guard Headlight Guard

This guard provides great protection for the headlights, while adding a cool look.

SRC Moto $48
Plug Accessory Extension

My original USB plug already broke off at the battery box connection, so I'm connecting to the OEM front fairing plug with this cool plug-and-play extension.

SRC Moto $36
SRC Rear Guards Rear Reservoir Guard

This guard provides great protection for the rear reservoir, and I think it looks better than OEM.

SRC Moto $28
TomTom GPS GPS specifically for motorcycles $200
Two Brothers Carbon Fiber for CRF250L Slip On Exhaust

Carbon Fiber

Reserve Tank Reserve Fuel Tank

This one gallon add on gives me peace of mind when I'm on rides. I never want to be that guy that doesn't have the capacity or eats the most gas... your group's range is only as good as the range of your lowest range bike.

Handguards with Signals Handguards with Signals

I haven't wired these in yet... still trying to decide if I want extra driving lights, alternating signals, or both if I remove my OEM fronts.

Mirrors Mirrors

I bought cheap imitation mirrors (good vision, not sure how well they will hold up to offroad).

Fender Eliminator Rear Fender Eliminator

This is a must have accessory for fair weather street riders, and include offroad if you don't expect much muddin.

Tri-Bag Tri-Bag Luggage 24L expandable tailbag ($125) and the super 2.0 saddlebags ($180) that expand to 50L total... that is 74L capacity for the tribag setup. $305
Fat Bars Fat Handlebars

They increase flex and impact absorption over conventional handlebars, offering improved comfort and reduced fatigue.

Braided Brake Lines Braided Brake Lines

If you have ever had a bike that has braided lines, you already know the huge advantage these offer by giving you much better feel at the levers. Since the original photos, I have re-routed the line behind the fork.

Motowolf Accessory Bar

I tapped for two RAM mount 1 inch balls.

RAM Mounts Accessory Mounts

I have several 1 inch ball mount setups to be able to move cameras and other accessories as needed.

Large Kickstand Footprint Large Kickstand Footprint (not including mods)

JC got one for his Ducati and the screws loosened on the first ride (and he used loctite)... so I added a center screw that I tapped through both the add-on and the kickstand

Accessory Plug $30
Shifter Foot Shifter Lever

Rotating shift tip provides 6 different positions, offer more sensitive shift position adjustment

ZETA Brake Pedal Foot Brake Pedal Kit

comes with a brake saver

Levers Shorter Pivot Brake and Clutch Levers

on my road racing bikes I prefer OEM length, but when using the hand guards on this bike I like the shorter ones better to give a little more room - plus I tend to two finger both clutch and brake more off road.

Radiator Guard Radiator Guard

The OEM guard is plastic and does not offer enough protection.

Tires (Coming Soon)

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