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2019 Honda CRF250L - with IMS

Tools Details Brand Price

The following lists the tools I take on the road. I suggest taking them everywhere... but especially on long rides or difficult terrain.

Baja No Pinch Tool

Baja No Pinch - Ultimate Tire Tool Kit

This is one of the hottest tools out there and we are trying it out to see if it works as good as it appears to.

Baja No Pinch $165

Tire Kit

  • Tire Pump $20
  • Tire Gauge $15
  • Curved Tire Spoon MP 08-0007 $15
  • Combo Axle Wrench and Tire Lever 27mm MP 08-0288 (Africa Twin) $27
  • Combo Axle Wrench and Tire Lever 22mm MP 08-0286 (Africa Twin) $27
  • Rim Protectors MP 08-0357 $8
  • Rubber Patch Kit $20

My Fobo TPMS (see in Accessories) has 5.0 Bluetooth and will interupt me if the front or rear tire air pressure gets too high or low.

Riding Gear Accessory Featured Brand Retail
Gerbing 7V Battery Heated Hoodie Sweatshirt

Gerbing 7V Battery Heated Hoodie Sweatshirt

The 7 Volt Hoodie is constructed out of a comfortable knit fabric, with 3 large panels of powerful heat situated on the chest and back. Gerbing Lifetime Warranty. Review coming soon.

Gerbing $200
Gerbing Heated Gloves

Gerbing Rechargeable Heated Insoles with Remote

Rechargeable 3V Heated Insoles are the answer to eliminating cold toes for up to 8 hours on a single charge! The integrated heating system under the toes teams up with rechargeable 3 Volt batteries that are embedded in the heel. You no longer have to worry about misplacing or fumble with installing the batteries; just charge up the insoles, turn them on, and immediately feel the warmth! Handy trim lines on the Gerbing Insoles guide you to customize the fit to your footwear, and the thin profile of the insole guarantees a comfortable fit. Review coming soon.

Gerbing $140

Adventure Helmet

In my opinion the NEXX XWED2 is the best helmet for adventure riding on the market. See my helmet video for details.


XCOM Integrated Communication System

Not having to wait until a stop sign and then yelling to your buddy is reason enough to have a com system, but being able to chat about everything while riding is a blast. The NEXX XCOM by Sena mounts flush, so looks cool too.

Jacket Adventure Jacket $280
Pants Adventure Pants $130
Gloves $39
Camping Gear Accessory Featured Brand
Camping Two Person Tent, Footprint, Sleeping Bag, Pad, Pillow, Chair, Stuff Bag

CRF250L at Detroit

My 2014 loaded except for camp gear bag.