Medford Rod and Custom

Medford Rod and Custom and RDR

Greg has frequented this show for years and in 2019 he covered the show when Street Rodder magazine showed up to put the show on its route to seek their top 100 and they awarded 10 vehichles in this show.

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Promoter Rich Wilson of Medford Rod and Custom Show

Rich Wilson
Car 1
Rich Wilson

Rich Wilson has been the promoter of the Medford Rod and Custom show for the past four years and has put a lot of effort towards growing the show, and his efforts are paying off. In 2019, Street Rodder Magazine made the MRC one of the their 10 shows included to be a part of their top 100 pick.

Interview at MRC 7:55 minutes

Street Rodder Magazine at the 2019 Medford Rod and Custom Show

John Gilbert
Car 2
John Gilbert

Greg caught up with John Gilbert of Street Rodder Magazine at the 2019 Meford Rod and Custom show. They talk about how Street Rodder does a top 100 where they attend 10 shows and pick 10 vehicles.

Interview at MRC 5:11 minutes

Medford Rod and Custom

For more of their details, visit the Medford Rod and Custom Facebook page.

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