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Portland Roadster Show and RDR

Starting in 2016, Rides Done Right began doing their show at the Portland Roadster Show. 2016 was the Portland's 60th Anniversary show and the promoters went all the way putting on the best show ever. John D'Agostino said "it was in the top five car shows any where in the nation" and "the best PRS ever"!

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2018 Feature Interviews

Dillinger - 1941 Buick Sedanette

Dillinger - 1941 Buick Sedanette

Clifford Mattis
Dillinger won the 2018 King of Customs, the John D'Agostino Kustom D'Elegance award, and many more at the 2018 Portland Roadster Show. We chatted with Clifford Mattis who owns the car and had it built. Choosing olive green was bold, but Marcos at Lucky 7 Customs slayed the paint and Gabe Lopez nailed the interior. At the end of the interview you can see the two big awards presented.
RDR Interview at PRS 8:15 minutes | Car Photo

Cool 50 - 1950 Mercury Business Coupe

Cool 50

David Zocchi
This car was originally built and shown by David's uncle, and after several years David Zocchi located and purchased the car back and began his restoration of this terrific custom Merc.
RDR Interview at PRS 4:09 minutes | Car Photo

1966 Mustang Pro Street called Toxic 66

1966 Mustang Pro Street called Toxic 66

Mike Grotto
Both Mike and his brother Dave put together one of the best looking and baddest Mustang's we've ever seen. This beauty was on the front row in the main hall and had huge crowds around it every time we saw it. Mike goes over the specs and you will see lots of great photos of the car.
RDR Interview at PRS 5:51 minutes | Car Photo

40 Ford, 73 AMX Javelin, and 30 Ford


Russ Freund River City Speed & Kustom
With an amazing three car spinning display, Russ Freund made a statement at the Portland Roadster Show. He gives us the stories for a 40 Ford, 73 AMX Javelin, and 30 Ford. We show you isolated video on each of these beauties as they spin.
RDR Interview at PRS 4:47 minutes | Car Photo

1966 Nova Pro Street

Pro Street Nova

Scott Siegler
Scott Siegler pulled off something he says has never been done before... mounting dual superchargers to the front of the engine! They moved the motor way back and really helped the weight distribution. This car is not only innovative, but WOW it looks AMAZING! See some great photos and hear the story.
RDR Interview at PRS 4:56 minutes | Car Photo

Radillac - 1953 Cadillac 615 HP


Glen and Nancy Jackman
Radillac won multiple awards at the 2018 Portland Roadster Show. We chatted with Glen and Nancy who own and built this 615 HP beauty. The name suits the car as it is a radical custom from front to back, top to bottom. They supplied us with tons of build photos that are featured throughout the video. At the end of the interview you can see one of the awards presented.
RDR Interview at PRS 7:50 minutes | Car Photo

1934 Dodge Custom Truck

Dodge Truck

Chet Jackman
Chet Jackman's custom Dodge truck was one of our favorites from the show. He did most of the work on this build himself and provided us with lots of photos of the build. At the end of the interview you will see Ridler winner Steve Frisbie presenting Chet with the prestigious Mark of Excellence award.
RDR Interview at PRS 8:06 minutes | Truck Photo

1950 Studebaker Champion

1950 Studebaker Champion

Gary Warner
Bullet nose Studebaker's are pretty distinctive and get you to look twice, but this one had us looking more than any other Studebaker we've seen. Gary has owned it for 20 years and merged a 49 and 50 into one sweet ride.
RDR Interview at PRS 4:57 minutes | Car Photo

1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster Full Kustom called The Great Gatsby

1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster

John D'Agostino
Cousin John from Celebrity Kustoms brought another stunner to the 2018 Portland Roadster Show. We got some great photos and got the details first hand. Check out this classic and Kustom beauty.
RDR Interview at PRS 6:02 minutes | Car Photo

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