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Shift S3ctor

Half Mile Runway Exotic Car Drag Racing

Rides Done Right was at the 2016 Shift S3ctor - Airstrip Attack in McMinnville Oregon. We captured lots of great video and photos of exotic cars and motorcycles racing down the runway at a posted half mile breaking multiple WORLD RECORDS throughout the whole weekend. Click the images and links throughout this page.

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We had several "firsts" for us: we went up in a helicopter four times throughout the two day event; we didn't have plug-in power so we ran on our batteries and did many of our interviews at the driver's cars; we did individual interviews of father, wife, and 13 year old son - all driving their own race cars; we did individual interviews of a team of Lamborghini drivers with cars putting out up to 2500HP and going over 230MPH in a half mile; and we got to see behind the scenes of a professional production crew broadcasting the event live and we even captured them capturing a world record.

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Shift S3ctor Interview

Event Recap with Event Promoter Ryan Fisher

Ryan is a terrific speaker and gave us a great interview (I guess all that practice he got as an attorney has some additional benefits). We did this interview at the end of the event, so we were able to cover some of the highlights as well as learning things that make the McMinnville Oregon event the premiere event on their circuit (Larry's opinion).

Video of Event Recap with Event Promoter Ryan Fisher

4 Minutes in the Pits

This video contains a compilation of footage from several areas of the pits and includes some of the garage areas. There are too many cars to mention what you will see here - like Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, Audi, GTR, Mustang, Camaro and the list goes on. If you like sweet stuff, you are in for a treat. One of my many favorites was the Martini 911 Porsche Spyder that cruised by the front of us - so we zoomed in on that one. You may want to consider pumping up the volume a tad to hear some of the sweet sounds of these babies.

The end of the video shows three angles of Richard Fowler (Underground Racing) as he finds out he just shattered the World Record at 247.25 MPH!

4 Minute Video from the Pits
Shift S3ctor Pits

Shift S3ctor Preview

RDR Footage from Starting Line

This video contains footage from our visit to the starting line. Porsche GT3RS vs Audi RS8, Nissan GTR vs Subaru wagon, Dodge Challenger SRT vs Dodge Challenger SRT, Dodge Challenger SRT vs Lamborghini, Lucas English Nissan GTR, sport bikes, Porsche vs Audi RS7, and Corvette vs Viper.

Starting Line

KAIZENSPEED Interview Video

Interview with KAIZENSPEED's Reid Lunde

Reid tunes and drives this 2015 Corvette ZO6 called "New Mustard". It is an 8 speed automatic with 3LT Package and makes 658 Wheel HP. This was the car's first time at the half mile and it's best trap speed was 159.237 (their tuning throughout the event improved the top speed 17 mph from their first run).

RDR Interview Video | Car Photos - Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3 | Photo 4 | Photo 5

KAIZENSPEED 2015 Yellow Corvette Photo

OB Prestige Logo and Transporter
Don't Blink Driver Interview Video
Sexy Car Photo
Olivier Benloulou

Interview with Team Owner and Driver Olivier Benloulou

As one of the series sponsors, Olivier Benloulou shows up to the Airstrip Attack events with two huge transporters and five Lamborghinis! We talk about his start in half mile racing, adding cars to his fleet, his passion for driving, some of the team drivers, and more. See great photos and onboard video and stay tuned at the end for a new team high speed reached in Oregon as well as a camera crew doing a documentary on them.

RDR Interview Video | Car Photo | Visit OB Prestige Auto | Visit Marie-Laurence Paquin

Double Trouble Driver Interview Video
Double Trouble Car Photo

Interview with OB Prestige's Haig Kanadjian

Haig is a performance mechanic and driver for OB Prestige and this weekend he drove the 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera called "Double Trouble" appropriatly named because this AWD car with a sequential gearbox puts out 2500HP. Its fastest trap speed is 232MPH. In Haig's onboard footage you will see the throttle get stuck and his natural reaction - doesn't miss a beat to keep control... at the end of the video he explains what happened.

RDR Interview Video | Car Photo

Don't Blink Driver Interview Video
Don't Blink Car Photo

Interview with OB Prestige's Pierre Charette

Pierre hit a best 237 MPH at the 2016 Oregon Airstrip Attack. He gave Larry some insight to his role on the team and a little history... there were some laughs and some great video. You will see four onboard cameras mounted from various angles as he rips down the runway, with a little extra footage as he went all the way down the pits to the front stall. The 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo Trofeo Stradale is an AWD that has a pounding 2500 HP and is named "DON'T BLINK"!

RDR Interview Video | Car Photo
OB Profile 1
OB Profile 2
OB Profile 3
OB Profile 4
OB Profile 5
OB Profile 6

Steven Racing Logo
Steven Aghakhani Driver Interview Video
Onboard with Steven Aghakhani
Steven's Car Photo

Interview with 13 year old Steven Aghakhani

165 MPH is getting it pretty good no matter what your age is... but 13 years old? Really? Yep and he did it in a half mile from a dead stop! And if that doesn't get your attention, Steven Aghakhani has driven over 200 MPH! We talked with him about his start in go karts, what he is doing now, and what is next. He was going back and forth between his 650 HP McLaren MP4-12C and a brand new 2016 Porsche 911 GT3RS. The last third of this video mixes footage of the cars they brought to the track. I road out to the starting line with Steven and I will be posting that footage in a Bonus Video Short.

RDR Interview Video | Steven Onboard to Starting Line | Car Photo | Visit Steven Racing

Armik Aghakhani Driver Interview Video
Armik's Car Photo

Interview with Armik Aghakhani

Armik is not just the father of 13 year old phenom (Steven), he has been racing since he was 20 years old and was a member of Chevy Bowtie, in a NASCAR crew team, did some Porsche cup racing, and has been doing 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile racing. He has owned five Ford GT and is his current car has over 1500HP! He has also been helping Steven throughout his life and we talked about how it started and where it is now. We also talked about the little race battle his wife and son got into to see who could do the best in the Porsche this weekend. See both of there videos to find out more about that as well.

RDR Interview Video | Car Photo

Jenny Aghakhani Driver Interview Video
Jennifer's Car Photo

Interview with Jennifer Aghakhani

What do you do when you are at a racing event and you see a beautiful girl driving a sweet Porsche? We asked her for an interview and then found out that this girl was married to Armik Aghakhani with son Steven and that we already had the guys scheduled for evening interviews. Jennifer has been driving some of their other sweet rides and decided they decided this would be a great event to break out the Porsche. We talked about her "on track" rips, what it is like being in a racing family, and how things might go in the future. Look for some nice photos and footage of this rare colored 911 and some peeks at their other cars.

RDR Interview Video | Car Photo

SR Profile 1
SR Profile 2
SR Profile 3
SR Profile 4
SR Profile 5
SR Profile 6

Underground Racing Lamborghinis in the Pits

The guys at Underground Racing were busy breaking each other's world records and we caught some photos and video bits of Richard Fowler and Gidi Chamdi in various areas of the pits. We were lucky to catch (from three different angles) the moment Richard found out he just crushed the record at 247.25!

RDR Video of Underground Racing
Underground Racing

Jeff Hart Producer

Event Broadcast Production Crew

Jeffrey J. Hart is an award winning director that coordinates the production of the Airstrip Attack broadcast and we were blown away at how professional these guys are. They had an eight man crew (maybe more) with camera folks running all over the place and a command center that was top notch. JJH invited us to come in and watch while he coordinated footage for their first live YouTube broadcast where both event days were LIVE for the entire event! Watching how he orchestrated everything was really cool and the video we took turned out really sweet - one of our cameras videoing another of our cameras, videoing their cameras videoing a world record!

BTW: JJH has several amazing videos to see, but a couple of my favorites are on Corvettes - one is called Bad Dream and the other is simply 2015 Corvette Z06... look for them on his website.

Behind the Scenes WR

Behind the Scenes Broadcast Footage

The following video was shot in the broadcast booth and we were fortunate to catch a run when Lucas English broke the world record in the Extreme Turbo Systems GTR. We shot it from a couple of different angles.

RDR Behind the Scenes Video | Car Photo

Shift S3ctor Preview

Preview Video of Highlights

This is the highlights preview that contains some snippets that we quickly put together when we got back from the event.

Preview Video of Highlights

Konect Logo

Helicopter Ride Rentals at McMinnville Oregon

Konect Aviation Interview Video

Konect Aviation Photo

Interview with Konect Aviation's Ingo Nehls

Half of our crew had never been in a helicopter before this event and lucky for us Konect Aviation had affordable rentals the whole weekend. In fact, we found out they do rentals throughout the whole year. We interviewed Ingo who is not only a pilot but the Operations Manager for Konect Aviation and he gave us all the details. Keep in mind that McMinnville is the only Airstrip Attack event that offers rentals during the event, where you can fly up and see 240mph exotic cars from the air!

Throughout this video you will see a variety of snippets we captured from the air during our flights.

RDR Interview Video | Helicopter Photo | Visit Konect Aviation

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