2019 Portland Roadster Show

We began posting our 2019 videos in November and we will continue posting them until we finish - before the end of the month.

2019 Recap Show

Highlights and Our Recap of the Whole Event

We were once again very busy at this year's show with 17 interviews! The recap is where Larry and Greg talk about the show and introduce snippets from some of the interviews and additional photos.

Recap Show

2019 Recap Show 30:38 minutes

2019 Celebrity Interviews

Shorty from Iron Resurrection

Javier Ponce


We spent more time with Shorty (Javier Ponce) than any of the previous celebrities and he is the same guy in real life that we see on the series. We split our interviews into two categories. In the first, we talked about Iron Resurrection and how Shorty met Joe and was asked to be a part of the tv pilot... and series.

About Iron Resurrection 22:33 minutes

Later we talked about Shorty's own shop which is called Elite Autoworks. He has a very inspiring story about how he left school, then returned and was directed towards a career that led him to the automotive industry. Shorty is also good at keeping up on his Facebook page.

Shorty's Shop 22:05 minutes

Shorty logo

Shorty Caricature by Larry

Bo Hopkins

Bo Hopkins

Bo talks about working with various famous actors spanning his career that covered over 100 movies and tv shows (including American Graffiti, The Wild Bunch, White Lightning, Dynasty, Rockford Files, and more), actors that made him laugh the most, most beautiful actresses, and more. He shared several stories about working actors like Burt Reynolds, Henry Fonda, Ernest Borgnine, James Garner, Andy Griffith, and Leslie Nielsen.

Celebrity Interview at PRS 27:40 minutes

Candy Clark

Candy Clark

Greg caught up with American Graffiti star Candy Clark and talked about her experience acting in the movie as well as her connection to the car show hobby.

Celebrity Interview at PRS 5:40 minutes

2019 Feature Interviews

33 Ford Roadster - Timeless - 2019 Best in Show

Tim Kerrigan


33 Two

For the first time ever, after walking through the whole show full of great vehicles we identified the clear show winner... that is how incredible this car is. We interviewed owner Tim Kerrigan and builder Leonard Lopez of Dominator Street Rods and got the details on the 33 Roadster called Timeless. This video is loaded with photos from all angles.

Interview at PRS 12:43 minutes

34 Ford Roadster - Maxwell House

Bill Maxwell

Maxwell House

Bill is not only the owner... he is also the builder of this stunning 34 roadster. Its an all steel body with just the right mods and at the heart of it sits a flat head. Some of the sweetest photos we took this year featured this great looking ride.

Interview at PRS 8:37 minutes

Custom 63 Impala Lowrider - Bloody Rag

Gary Anderson

Bloody Rag

You may have seen some nice lowriders before, but we doubt you have ever seen one with the detail of the Bloody Rag. It's impossible to describe the detail put into this car, and to date - we have never seen a vehicle with this much engraving. In the middle of a show with so many incredible cars, this was a stand out.

Interview at PRS 5:23 minutes

1957 Corvette

Owner - Rhonda Ralph, Builder - Steve Frisbee

Rhonda Ralph

Rhonda Ralph Interior

Steve built this custom beauty for Rhonda after she saw another one he had created. Her unique color had her excited to see it, and Steve arranged a really cool reveal at a car show without her knowing the car was done and would be in the show. He said he made her cry, so when we saw Rhonda we asked her to tell us the story... and they both do in this interview.

Interview at PRS 9:29 minutes

1969 Camaro RS Z28

Dana Wendel

69 Camaro RS Z28

We've seen rally stripes on Camaro and Chevelles, but the execution of the stripes following through the engine and other areas of the car really separated this car.

Interview at PRS 6:28 minutes

2019 1000 HP Hennessey ZO6 Corvette

Sgt. Lew Barnes

1000 HP Hennessey Corvette

Lew wanted to make a tribute to the helicopters from Vietnam. He went to Hennessey to add a 1000 HP, then went to one of the best air brush guys out there... Mike Lavallee of Killer Paint in WA. After our car interview we hung out and chatted with Sgt. Lew about Vietnam.

Car Interview at PRS 8:13 minutes | Veteran Interview 8:59 minutes

Portland Roadster Show Hall of Fame

2019 Inductee - Greg Meyer

Admeyer - 2019 Portland Roadster Show Hall of Fame

After a 13 year build, Greg's 33 Roadster called "Admeyer" went on a long run of car show success with several Best in Show wins that included 2015 Portland Roadster, Boise, finalist for AMBR award, 2015 SEMA prestigious painter, Good Guys Top 5 most beautiful street rod, NW Rodarama Hall of Fame... and all of this cummulates to his induction into the Portland Roadster Show Hall of Fame.

Bill Given's 34 Roadster

Bill Given's 34 Roadster

Bill Given set out to create the 34 Roadster but passed away before it's debut at the 2019 Portland Roadster Show. His wife Pat decided to finish the car and didn't see it until she walked up to at the show... we were there and this video captures the moment she saw the car for the first time. Greg sat down with Pat, her son Todd, and their friend and builder Darryl Schroeder - who was also inducted into the PRS Hall of Fame the day after this interview.

Interview at PRS 8:30 minutes

Mike Itel

Mike Itel - Multnomah Hot Rod Council

The Portland Roadster Show is owned and operated by the Multnomah Hot Rod Council, and Mike Itel has been a member for years. In these videos he gives history and talks about the Hall of Fame.

History of PRS 8:25 minutes

2019 Hall of Fame

2019 PRS Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Talk 6:43 minutes

2019 Kavelcade of Kustoms

Jerry Logan and John D'Agostino

Jerry Logan and John D'Agostino - Kavelcade of Kustoms

John D'Agostino, Jerry Logan, and West Coast Kustoms combined cars from their collections and friends and brought them all together at the 2019 PRS and called the grouping the Kavalcade of Kustoms. Greg talked with John and Jerry to find out how this group got together, talked about some of the cars that were displayed, and plans for the future.

Rit Pichette of West Coast Kustoms

Rit Pichette of West Coast Kustoms

We sat down with Rit Pichette of West Coast Kustoms to talk about their annual Memorial Day weekend Cruisin Nationals show that started in 1981. Even though their show is in California, they are a nationwide car club. They were one of the primary sponsors of the Kavelkade of Kustoms that featured around 20 amazing custom cars positioned in the middle of the entry hall at the Portland Roadster Show.

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