2016 Portland Roadster Show

Rides Done Right at the 2016 Portland Roadster Show

We would have loved to have had more time to talk to more people, but with 400 hundred vehicles and many more people... there wasn't enough time.

Show Recap

Show Recap 39:06 minutes

After the show, Larry and Allen give their thoughts and recapped things that happened and some of the many highlights. It includes videos and photos (many that you will only see in this video).

Show Recap

Walk Around and Timelapse

Timelapse These videos show the participants and vendors setting up and taking down their displays, and the walkaround gives you some of the look of the show (with 400 vehichles and four halls to fill we obviously could not show everything - but we do show a lot).

Walk Around | Timelapse


Photos 8:33 minutes

This is simply a video slide show. If you didn't see a vehicle in one of our other videos, you may find a photo here. We certainly couldn't capture every vehicle in the show, but this collection of photos includes many photos that were not in our other videos.

Show Photos

RDR Featured Builders

Kindig-It Designs

Dave Kindig

Dave Kindig Dave talks about some of the journey that lead him to become a business owner and now tv personality of his own show on the Velocity channel called Bitchin' Rides. He also gives some advise to future builders.

RDR Interview | Dave's Website | Store | Apparel

Bonus Footage - Photo Bomb | Crotch Mic

Kevin Schiele (KevDogg)

Kevin Schiele We got to find out about Kevin growing up, tricking out his rides, what led him to meeting and working for Dave Kindig, and building the great team they have today. Afterwards he takes us for a little tour of their transporter. Do you think we might of had a few laughs on the way? "Duh".

RDR Interview | KevDogg Truckin'

Gene Winfield

Gene Winfield We had a great time visiting with Gene and hearing about some of the great stories he had from a lifetime of interaction with celebrities, tv shows, car building, car shows, and more. And if you think he doesn't have anything going on now... you need to hear about what this 89 year old has been up to lately!

RDR Interview | Gene's Website

John D'Agostino

John D'Agostino John has been around the car show gig for a long time and travels the world over attending the best shows. Listen to him tell us how the 2016 Portland Roadster Show compares, and how tough choosing a winner of the John D'Agostino award was this year.

RDR Interview | John's Website

RDR Featured Participants

Jerry Logan

Copper Cadillac

1960 Cadillac Coupe DeVille - Copper Caddy

The owner of the "Copper Caddy" has already enjoyed a lot of success. It got a lot of initial exposure when the build was featured in 2015 on the popular TV show called Bitchin' Rides. Find out more about the build and the owner, and what is coming next. Watch for the photo bombs by Dave and KevDogg!

RDR Interview | Fun With Jerry | Jerry's Website

JF Launier

JF Launier

1964 Buick Rivera - Rivision (2014 Ridler Award Winner)

It had been 35 years since both the owner and builder Ridler Award was won by the same person, but in 2014 JF Launier accomplished that feat. We got the VIP tour of this car and had a terrific visit with this engaging guy. It isn't hard for anyone to predict a great future for JF and we forecast that we will be seeing much more of him soon.

RDR Interview | JF's Website | Autocross | Donuts

Ron Berry

VW Van Ron Berry

Custom Micro VW Surf Van

Ron's completely custom VW Van has become a social media sensation. If you have been on Facebook in the last year and have friends that like cars, you have likely recieved a Like or Share around this super cool custom vehicle. He has carved a niche and gave us the details and some insight re: what might be next.

RDR Interview

Rick Wowk

Rick Wowk

1949 Merc Custom - Staleto

This stunning black beauty named Staleto (after the shoe) was in the front row for good reason! Long, low, and black - this car looked great and Rick matched it beautifully!

RDR Interview

John Rydzewski

John Rydzewski

1955 Ford F100

This blue beauty was too sweet to pass up, and fortunately John was willing to give us the details.

RDR Interview

Larry Hanson

Red Merc

1950 Custom Merc

Low, red, and flamed is a nice start for a sweet ride, but Larry didn't stop there. This baby has power tilt hood and trunk, and a beautiful award winning interior too. Larry also puts on a great show in Puyallup, WA called the Northwest Rodarama (make sure you check this show out).

RDR Interview | Larry's Website

Doug Graf

Doug Graf

1967 and 2013 Corvette

Have you ever wanted to combine the looks of the classic Corvettes with the performance and comfort of a modern day car? Doug has done that and he is re-producing them at a price that is much more affordable than the normal custom show car. Watch to find out more about the 1967/2013 carbon fiber creation!

RDR Interview | Doug's Website

Jim Valenzuela

Jim Valenzuela

1955 Chevrolet Belair

Jim was the only person that we interviewed that wasn't a builder or owner, just an interior guy. We chose him for a reason and if you see his work in person you will know exactly what we are talking about. I guess the judges thought so too, since he won the award for best custom interior.

RDR Interview

Phil Bent

Phil Bent

1951 Hudson Pacemaker

Nothing about Phil Bent screams "cookie cutter", so it shouldn't be a surprise that the car he chose to customize was a 51 Hudson Pacemaker. We only did two interviews at owner's cars and this was one of them.

RDR Interview

Steve Howard

Steve Howard

1938 Graham Phantom Cabriolet

This car was a standout in a show filled with amazing cars. We planned to do this interview in our display, but Steve had circumstances that caused a scheduling conflict so Allen did the interview with his cell phone! When I saw Steve he looked like somebody kicked his dog... it was worse, somebody stoled his truck from the parking lot! If anybody knows who did it, shoot the guy - then call the police to retrieve Steve's truck.

RDR Interview

Note for Schedule Attempts

This was our first year doing this and we had a couple more interviews scheduled and things happened that caused problems, so we apologize to anyone that we talked to about interviews and didn't get to connect.

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