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RDR 2017 Portland Roadster Recap Show

2017 PRS Recap
Larry (RDR host) and Greg (2015 Portland Rose Cup winner) provide their overview of the 2017 Portland Roadster Show. They talk about some of the profile interviews they did at this year's show, and show photos and video snippets.
2017 Recap Show 50:35 minutes

2017 Feature Interviews

Note: We will begin posting our full length interviews (which will include lots of photos, video, and related info) in April as they are finished.

Winning the Ridler

Winning the Ridler

Steve Frisbie - Ridler Winning Builder

Steve and The Renaissance Roadster won the 2017 Ridler and then followed that up two weeks later with the top award win at the 2017 Portland Roadster Show. We spent over three hours with him at Portland and captured tons of photos and video footage that we are profiling on our Steve Frisbie - Ridler page where you can find links to our Ridler related videos, photos, and more.

Ridler Series Videos

RR 2
RR 1
RR 2
RR 3
RR 4
RR 6

Custom 1957 Chevrolet Nomad

Shomad - 1957 Nomad
A&M Deluxe Customs - Shomad
See one of the nicest custom interiors and displays we have ever seen. Even if you aren't a Nomad fan, you have to see Shomad and find out the extent these guys went to make it the best Nomad we've ever seen. Greg sat with owner Ron Maier, A&M Deluxe Customs co-owner and builder Aaron Atnip, and painter Ben Conley of Ben's Custom Paint all at the same time!

Shomad Interview Bloopers

Shomad Bloopers
When Things Go Wrong
Not everything can always go according to the way you plan... and when it doesn't go the way you hoped, you can always count on your "friends" to make sure you noticed.
RDR Bloopers at PRS 3:32 minutes

Related A&M Deluxe Customs Videos

1936 Custom Ford Coupe

1936 Custom Ford Coupe
Tommy Carr of Carr's, Hot Rods, and Customs displayed three of his beautiful cars in the front row of the 2017 Portland Roadster Show and Greg caught up with him to get details and show you things you didn't see at the show.

Ridler Fantasy: What Would You Do?

Ridler Fantasy

With all of the buzz about the Ridler award, we got to wondering what various builders would do if an owner came to them and said, "You have an unlimited budget, go win the Ridler Award.". We sat down with three builders and went over the various scenarious (like stance, body mods, paint, wheels and tires) on three different vehicles.
The Builders
Aaron Atnip (A&M Deluxe Customs), Tommy Carr (Carr's, Hot Rods, and Customs), Steve Frisbie (Steve's Auto Restorations).
The three cars on the left are the cars we talked about. The two on the right are a couple of the renderings by Larry, based on the conversations (note: the renderings were not approved by the builders, Larry made them to give you a general idea) - see the videos for more. Ridler Fantasy Collage

Killer 2012 Dodge RAM RT

Carolina Kustoms - RAM RT

Carolina Kustoms
Lonnie Thompson (owner of Carolina Kustoms) had a huge presence in the main hall of the 2017 Portland Roadster Show. Larry saw his killer RAM RT that is slammed with a wide body, and sat down with Lonnie to find out more about the history of CK and the details on his truck. At the end of the event, Lonnie was honored with the 2017 PRS Builder of the Year award.
RDR Interview at PRS 13:19 minutes | Car Photo

Resurrected Rust Garage

Resurrected Rust Garage
Rat Rods were featured in a huge area in the middle of the main hall at this year's 2017 Portland Roadster Show. When you see our interview with Resurrected Rust Garage's Gary Fisher, you will see why. Even if you aren't a fan of them, look at the photos in this video to get a new appreciation of them. Psalms 121

Jerry Logan had Four Cars in the Show

At the beginning of the event we walked the show to pick our profile cars, and as it turned out two of the cars we intended to profile were both owned by our friend Jerry Logan. So we sat down with Jerry again this year and found out he had four cars in this show which were a Crown Victoria, Shelby Mustang (that was inducted into the Portland Roadster Show Hall of Fame), custom pickup, and the Copper Caddy. BTW: we show you some footage of the Copper Caddy raising the suspension as Jerry was preparing to leave the Northwest Rodarama (that actually happened two weeks later). Jerry also talks about his cars that are currently being built, including a truck that he will be taking to Detroit to compete for the Ridler Award.
RDR Interview at PRS 34:24 minutes

Shelby Mustang
Crown Victoria
Custom Truck
Copper Caddy

Hirohata - Custom 1951 Mercury

Hirohata - 51 Merc
RDR Interview at PRS 18:36 minutes | Car Photo
Hirohata Logo
John D'Agostino
John D'Agostino of Celebrity Kustoms has been chasing the Hirohata for years and last year he ended his search after he finally bought the car of his dreams. Greg caught up with John at the 2017 Portland Roadster Show, which is the last indoor event on US soil before the car goes to Europe for a long term road show tour.
John and Penny
Penny Pichette
Penny Pichette of West Coast Kustoms stopped by to talk about the Hirohata's last show (The West Coast Kustoms Cruisin' Nationals), which is her outdoor show on Memorial Day weekend in California.

John and Penny Photo

Maliblu - Custom 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle


Doug Vanderschuere - Maliblu
In 1965, Doug's dad and mom ordered this 66 Chevelle and a couple of months later he was born and rode home in it as a baby. When he was 16 years old, his dad put him on the title. The car was finished with restoration just in time to be on display in the front row of the 2017 Portland Roadster Show.
RDR Interview at PRS 11:37 minutes | Car Photo

Dale Kintzley - El Packard
Larry sat down with "El Packard" owner Dale L. Kintzley at the 2017 Portland Roadster Show. Dale had TV personality Dave Kindig do a rendering of a concept that would radically modify a 1958 Packard into something more resembling an El Camino. Dale was honored with the Best in Class: Radical Custom Convertible award.
RDR Interview at PRS 8:01 minutes | Car Photo

El Camino styled 1958 Custom Packard

El Packard - Custom

Custom 1969 Camaro Z/409

1969 Camaro Z/409

Michael Feinstein
Normally, when you think of an accountant... you don't think of arduous car builder, but Michael Feinstein is not your typical accountant. He took on the challenge of combining a 1969 Camaro with Corvette and Corvair parts, based on a rendering found in Hot Rod Magazine. And don't forget his great looking display. Lots of photos and conversation show and tell you how it turned out.
RDR Interview at PRS 11:19 minutes | Car Photo

Ray Poletti (owner)
Clean and beautiful, this Best in Class award winning Zephyr is easy on the the eyes. Ray Poletti (the owner) talked with Greg about the multitude of fine points found on this car.
RDR Interview at PRS 9:01 minutes | Car Photo

1940 Lincoln Zephyr

1940 Zephyr

1589HP Twin Turbo 1957 Chevrolet Belair

Sleeper 57

Tim Kerrigan - Sleeper 57
Greg interviewed Tim Kerrigan and they went over the details of his twin turbo Chevy Belair that is putting out a whopping dyno tested 1589HP and 1507lbs of torque! And if pure power isn't enough for you, this car is beautiful with great colors.
RDR Interview at PRS 12:22 minutes | Car Photo

Tom Zink (owner)
This great looking Ford Victoria won Best in Class, ISCA Outstanding Custom Rod, The World Cup of Hot Rodding at the 2017 Portland Roadster Show.
RDR Interview at PRS 9:01 minutes | Car Photo

1941 Ford Victoria Radical Custom

Ford Victoria

ISCA Judge

ISCA Judge

Ron Lucas
Greg interviewed an ISCA judge supervisor at the 2017 Portland Roadster show. If you are showing a car or plan to, watch this video to get tips on what judges look for.
RDR Interview at PRS 24:14 minutes

2017 Preview Video 4:13 minutes
This was our preview video; make sure you watch the blooper video at the end - it is worth the wait.

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