Bike Prep

It is important to note that what I am documenting targets bike prep for the first time out. Rather than doing all of the modifications that would make it a perfect bike for track days, I am opting to get the bike ready to meet a lower requirement. I will not be flying down the front straight at 170, rather circling in controlled groups with instructors that will be helping me learn how to do the right thing (and equally important, not to do the wrong things). Consequently, things like wiring various parts down so they won't come off - should be less likely from happening, as the bike will not be operating under that amount of stress.
Bike Inspection


Bike Inspection
Bike Inspection - 9:27 minutes

Steven Coen

Service Manager - Cycle Country of Salem
We brought the J2TD bike to one of the largest motorcycle dealerships in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, Cycle Country of Salem. Service Manager Steven Coen did a quick evaluation, followed up by a closer look with more details. The first of several videos in this category, the initial evaluation will help us identify what we need to do to make sure everything is functioning at least at the minimum acceptable levels.


Maintenance, Installations, and more by Cycle Country of Salem.

Tire Replacement

In our bike inspection video, Steven Coen identified that the bike needed a front tire replacement. Larry already had a set of Bridgestones, so he brought them to Cycle Country of Salem for installation. Master mechanic Mike Branson showed us the steps involved in removing, replacing, balancing, and mounting tires.
J2TD Tires

Brake Replacement

In our bike inspection video, Steven Coen identified that the bike needed new front brake pads, rear pads, a rear disc rotor, and brake fluid flush of front and back systems. In this video we talk to the Asst. Parts Manager Rob Lulay about brake fluids, and Mike Branson shows us the steps involved in replacing the brake parts and flushing the systems.
J2TD Brakes

Chain Replacement

Even though the sprockets and chain looked satisfactory, Larry opted to replace them with new to hit the tracks with a clean slate. We went with the stock gearing which should be good for the long straight at PIR (Portland). See Mike Branson remove and install the front and rear sprockets, and chain.
J2TD Chain

Coolant Replacement

In this video, Rob Lulay (Assistant Parts Manager) talks about the benefits of using coolant additives to reduce the bike's temps by up to 20 degrees. In addition, you will see master mechanic Mike Branson flush the system step-by-step.
Coolant Flush - 5:04 minutes
J2TD Coolant

Oil Replacement

Rob Lulay (Assistant Parts Manager) talks about the benefits of using AMSOIL synthetic motorcycle oil, and watch master mechanic Mike Branson change the oil step-by-step.
J2TD Oil


Safety Type Options

Some of the items that aren't essential, but if you get them could help prevent an incident or minimize the results of a problem.
Lever Guards
Lever Guards
Scuffed Fairings
Scuffed Fairings

Bike Camera Setup Options

See how we setup our camera options on the bike and pit quad. We even have RAM mount setups on our tripods for our stationary cameras.

Camera Setup - 6:14 minutes


VR videos from our 360Fly will be available after each outing!

RAM Mounts

We use RAM Mounts on all of our equipment.
Camera Setup
360 Photo 1
360 Photo 2
360 Photo 3
360 Photo 4
360 Photo 5
360 Photo 6


Rider Gear Prep

After reviewing the gear I had, I wasn't satisfied that what was in my collection was going to be good enough to do track days. In the Gear Prep video, I provide snippets from the helmet, suit, and gloves full videos (that were done at Cycle Country) and give some extra information about a comparison of my Cortech and Alpinestars Bionic back protectors, and more.
Gear Prep - 19:40 minutes
Gear Prep


Bell Race Star (Triton Red)
Larry's Helmet
Bell Race Star - 10:24 minutes


Cortech Latigo 2.0 RR
Larry's Suit
Cortech Latigo - 6:35 minutes


Alpinestars GP Plus R
Larry's Gloves
Alpinestars GP Plus - 5:51 minutes


SIDI Stivali Cobra Air
Larry's Boots

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