Portland International Raceway

Track Day Four

It was my fourth track day, but Allen also joined me for his first track day ever.



August 25, 2017

Track Day 4 - Recap Show

This is the recap show after my fourth track day and Allen's first track day. We go over the day and show photos and onboard video while on pit lane at Portland International Raceway.

Track Day 4 Recap Show - 14:14 minutes
Track Day 4 Recap Show

Multiple Onboard Cameras CBR 954RR 1000RR Ninja 1000 ZX6R Porsche

I put this video together using footage of the bikes from this event and a Porsche from the month before - all running the chicane. It shows a comparison of varying vehicle types (my 2003 Honda CBR 954RR and 2007 Honda CBR 1000RR, Allen Lampman's 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 1000, Don Annotti's 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS, Jeffrey Toevs' 2016 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R); experience levels (me = 4 track days 954RR and first track day with 1000RR, Allen = first track day Ninja 1000, Don = first track day Porsche, Jeffrey = 1 year track days and racing); investment (me 954RR = $5k 1000RR = $7k, Allen Ninja 1000 = $9k, Don Porsche = $185k, Jeffrey ZX6R = $18k); ages... no comment. There are obviously many variables, but this gives an interesting comparison of all vehicles together in one video.

Onboard Cameras CBR 954RR 1000RR Ninja 1000 ZX6R Porsche - 4:17 minutes
Multi Camera

Allen's First Laps (Onboard)

Allen joined me at this event for his his first track day. See some onboard footage from Allen with the chicane and later without it as he gets to rip the straights.

Allen's First Laps (Onboard) - 6:08 minutes
Allen's Onboard

A Lap from My Onboard

My onboard cameras for a lap.
Coming Soon

Last Session Fun

We took turns with the guy in front slowing down, then recording the other guy go by. We definitely held back on the last session, but had fun.
Coming Soon

360Fly VR Pit Look Around

I stuck my 360Fly HD on the pit quad and rode around the pits at PIR.

Inside PIR Pit - 6:36 minutes
Pit Look Around

Track Day Photos

Larry Photo 1
Larry Photo 3
Larry Photo 2
Allen Larry
Allen Photo 1
Allen Photo 2
Jeff Photo 1
Jeff Photo 2
John Peaslee Photo 1
John Peaslee Photo 2
AJ Peaslee Photo 1
AJ Peaslee Photo 2
Star Photo 1
Star Photo 2
Brittany Photo
Extra Photo 1
Extra Photo 2
Extra Photo 3
Extra Photo 4
Extra Photo 5
Extra Photo 6
Extra Photo 7
Extra Photo 8
Extra Photo 9
Extra Photo 10
Group Photo 1
Group Photo 2
Group Photo 3
Group Photo 4
Group Photo 5
Video Guy Photo
Extra Photo 11
As with all of our pages, click the photos to see higher resolution photos. I have more photos and will continue to post them as I get time.

If you know the rider in the photo, please let me know so I can add their name to the photo.

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