At the Track

2Fast offers a great schedule that includes four of the tracks in the Northwest. See the date links that follow to go to the pages containing all the details from that track day.

Track Day 1

6/23/2017 at PIR
PIR My first track day ever, with one-on-one instruction from 2Fast instructor Pat O'Connor at Portland International Raceway. Photos, videos, and instruction. See 5 videos from this event!

Track Day 2

7/14/2017 at PIR
PIR My second track day, with one-on-one instruction from 2Fast owner Mark Degross at Portland International Raceway. Photos, videos, and instruction. See 6 videos and lots of photos from this event!

Track Day 3

7/29/2017 at ORP
ORP My third track day was at Oregon Raceway Park, with one-on-one instruction from 2Fast owner Mark Degross. The half pipe's banked corners are reason enough to make the trip, plus 16 corners and lots of blind elevation changes! At this event we got photos, videos, and instruction (including the 2Fast Performance School)... and some footage you can only get when you have the track all to yourself! See 7 videos and lots of photos from this event!

Track Day 4

8/25/2017 at PIR
PIR On my fourth track day, Allen joined me for his first track day ever. See how he did, more of the J2TD 954RR, a peek at my latest bike addition, and see a cool four bike and one Porsche 1 lap comparison.


Bike Track Prep
Track Bike Prep - 13:36 minutes

Mark Degross

Owner - 2Fast Motorcycle Track Days & Instruction
While the bike was at Cycle Country getting service and prep done, Mark Degross (the owner of a track organization called 2Fast) stopped in to talk about what to expect for prep at the track. The 2Fast website has a FAQ section ( that covers most of the questions you will come up with, and whatever it doesn't cover is likely already covered in the other areas of their site. We will be spending a lot of time with Mark and his crew in future videos, so check back frequently.


I took the official 2Fast Performance School with Mark Degross while at ORP on 7/29/2017. We recorded the following three videos after 3 of the 7 sessions and they cover some of the behind the scenes during the class.

Performance School - Part 1

Mark starts with an introduction and we go over some things about the track and what to expect, then he goes into detail on the following points:
  • Panic and Fear;
  • Ride at 80%;
  • Check Yourself on the Straights;
  • Vision - Look Further Down the Track;
  • Breathe / Exhale in the Corners.

Performance School - Part 2

After the 1st session, Mark covered the following points:
  • Profiling;
  • Know as Best as You Can Where Your Close Opponent's Are at All Times;
  • Wear Ear Plugs;
  • Look Through Other Riders;
  • Always PLAN a SAFE Pass;
  • Commit to the Pass;
  • See the Flags - Avoid Tunnel Vision;
  • Develop Fantastic Situational Awareness

Performance School - Part 3

This is the 3rd and last school video we recorded where Mark covers the following points:
  • scrubbing speed;
  • the brake is a tool to put your bike in the position to accelerate;
  • don't use the rear brake;
  • use engine compression for rear wheel braking;
  • loading the tire;
  • trail braking - longer and lighter

Bonus Footage

Equipment Testing / Selfie from PIR on 04/28/2017

We were at Portland International Raceway on 4/28/2017 testing some video stuff and I thought I would show you some of what we shot. It starts with a selfie I posted on Facebook, then shows some of the photos and video we shot.

We profiled a few family riders while we were there...
  • John Peaslee and his son AJ Peaslee
  • Mark Degross and his fiance Brittany
  • Daryl Salhus and his son Brodie Salhus

AJ Peaslee
John Peaslee
Mark and Brittany
Daryl and Brodie

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