Oregon Raceway Park - Track Day Three

This was my third track day ever and I was pretty excited about going to a track with 16 corners and all of the elevation changes that are at Oregon Raceway Park. But I was also pretty unsure what to expect regarding how exhausted both physically and mentally learning this new track that I had not seen. The staff there were all great and we had a great time... we definitely have plans to make then a regular stop as often as we can swing it.



July 29, 2017
Mark Degross

Track Day 3 - Greeting

This is simply a greeting from the track right after rolling out of my sleeping bag to tell you where we were and our thoughts prior to the start of my third ever track day.

Track Day 3 - Part 1 - 4:12 minutes
Track Day 3 - Part 1

Track Day 3 - Recap Show

At the end of the day, we got to shoot some footage on the track and we shot this recap show at the bottom middle of the half pipe. This video shows some footage in the half pipe, some onboard snippets from my bike and Mark's helmet, and we cover how the day went.

Track Day 3 - Part 2 (Recap Show) - 18:16 minutes
Track Day 3 - Part 2

Track Day 3 - Multi Camera

See a lap with 3 in sync camera views, plus the track map tells you what corner I'm coming up to or on.

Track Day 3 Multi-Cam - 5:16 minutes
Track Day 3 Multi-Cam

2Fast Performance School - Part 1

I took the official 2Fast Performance School with Mark Degross while at ORP on 7/29/2017. This is Part 1 of the videos taken while attending at that time, and this behind the scenes look gives you an idea of how Mark guides students through the process, and pieced together with some of our other videos... begins to give you a better glimpse of what you can expect.

Performance School - Part 1 of 3 - 25:45 minutes
Performance School Part 1

2Fast Performance School - Part 2

Mark talks about the following topics: Profiling, Know as Best as You Can Where Your Close Opponent's Are at All Times, Wear Ear Plugs, Look Through Other Riders, Always PLAN a SAFE Pass, Commit to the Pass, See the Flags - Avoid Tunnel Vision, and Develop Fantastic Situational Awareness.

Performance School - Part 2 of 3 - 16:50 minutes
Performance School Part 2

2Fast Performance School - Part 3

Mark talks about the following topics: scrubbing speed, the brake is a tool to put your bike in the position to accelerate, don't use the rear brake, use engine compression for rear wheel braking, loading the tire, and trail braking - longer and lighter.

Performance School - Part 3 of 3 - 32:17 minutes
Performance School Part 3

360Fly VR at Oregon Raceway Park - 360 Front Mount

This is one of my sessions where I had a 360Fly HD with 2Fast owner Mark Degross.

360Fly VR Front Mount - 3:05 minutes
Track Day 360Fly

Track Day Photos

Larry and Mark
Larry, Brittany, and Mark
Larry and Mark 2
Larry and Mark 3
Larry Lulay
Mark and Larry
ORP 10
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