2017 Ridler Award Winner - Steve Frisbie

Bringing "the Big One" Home to Oregon

On February 26, 2017 - Oregon car show history was made when builder Steve Frisbie (of Portland Oregon) was announced as the winning builder of the prestigious Ridler award. Just a couple of weeks later, we caught up with Steve at the 2017 Portland Roadster Show. He gave us over three hours of his busy schedule to go deep into the details of this great accomplishment.

We divided our Ridler related interviews into the following segments:

SAR and RR

Winning the Ridler Award

RR 8
Steve and Buddy Steve Frisbie (builder) and Buddy Jordan (owner)

Steve covers what the Ridler award is, how you qualify, what the owner expected, what happens up to the announcement of "The Great 8", getting the award, and a lot about Steve's interactions with the owner (Buddy Jordan).

Winning the Ridler Award 16:45 minutes

About the Winning Car - The Renaissance Roadster

RR Graphic
In this segment, Steve takes us deep into the building of this amazing car. This video displays lots of photos, including many that Steve supplied us showing the build of the car and/or components.
The Renaissance Roadster 30:09 minutes
RR 4 RR 4 RR 9
RR 2
RR 3
RR 1
RR 5
RR 6
RR 7

Steve's Auto Restorations

SAR Logo Find out how Steve got started, more of his great accomplishments, and more about his shop.
Steve's Auto Restorations 31:25 minutes
Corvette in 2016
Corvette in 2017

Ridler Fantasy: What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?
With all of the buzz about the Ridler award, we got to wondering what various builders would do if an owner came to them and said, "You have an unlimited budget, go win the Ridler Award.". We sat down with three builders and went over the various scenarious (like stance, body mods, paint, wheels and tires) on three different vehicles. The builders:
  • Aaron Atnip (A&M Deluxe Customs);
  • Tommy Carr (Carr's, Hot Rods, and Customs);
  • Steve Frisbie (Steve's Auto Restorations)

Ridler Fantasy: What Would You Do? (see both segments)

Segment 1: Aaron Atnip and Tommy Carr 30:09 minutes
Segment 2: Steve Frisbie 29:46 minutes

WWYD Car 1 WWYD Car 2 WWYD Car 3
Larry whipped out some renderings and included them in both of the Ridler Fantasy videos. The Zephyr and VW are a couple of his favorites.
Zephr Rendering
VW Rendering

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