2016 Salem Roadster Show

Note: The videos where we use microphones (all except the walkaround with timelapse) are recorded in stereo and require stereo output (versus built in mono speaker like in mobile devices). If you experience audio problems with your device try plugging in headphones or speakers. Folks using stereo output should not have audio problems.

SRS - Part 1

Part 1 29:26 minutes

SRS - Part 2

Part 2 22:35 minutes

Walk Around - Timelapse

Full walk Around, Timelapse of Filling Up and Leaving

33:08 minutes

1 hour before the show opened on day 1, Larry simply walked around the show and shot footage of nearly everything in the show. The footage also includes 3 timelapse videos: first from the end with the cars filling up the building; 2nd from the middle with the cars filling up; and 3rd from the end with the owners leaving their end of show meeting, then grabing their stuff and taking their vehicles out (very fun to watch these videos over and over - focusing on specific area each time).

Owner Interviews

We would have loved to have had more time to talk to more owners, but we were able to schedule owners of some of our favorites from the show.

Dan Graham


1950 Ford F1 Transforming Pickup, F-Rod - 37:17 minutes

Larry settled in for a long chat with Dan Graham who is the owner of the F-Rod custom pickup. The video contains photos and actual footage of some of the truck's cool options in action.

RDR Interview

Greg Meyer


1933 Chevrolet Custom Roadster, Admeyer - 43:23 minutes

Larry had an extensive discussion with Greg Meyer who owns a beautiful street rod called Admeyer. The video contains photos and lots of details that you wouldn't know if you didn't get a chance to sit down with Greg for a while.

RDR Interview

Greg Roach

Greg Roach

All Steel Chevy Street Rod - 15:25 minutes

Click the photo above to see a chat with Greg Roach and his sweet all steel and all Chevrolet street rod.

RDR Interview

Joe Virello

Joe Virello 1965 Custom Dodge GT Dart with 440 - 18:25 minutes
See a chat with Joe Virello and his unique Dodge Dart which includes headers that go forward before going backwards.

RDR Interview

Bob Linger

Bob Linger

1956 Chevrolet Chop Top Pickup - 10:46 minutes

See a chat with Bob Linger and his 1000hp, chopped, and slammed Chevy pickup.

RDR Interview

Don Lulay

Don Lulay

1963 Corvette Roadster - 16:07 minutes

See a chat with Don Lulay and his fresh frame up Corvette restoration.

RDR Interview

Bonus Interview with Race Car Driver Nick McMillen

Have you ever dreamed of being a pro race car driver? Sony Playstation teamed up with Nissan and created a contest where they had online video racers compete for an opportunity to win a pro contract. Nick McMillen won the 2013 competition and has been racing ever since. This three part video series covers his trek from entering and winning the event (which was a tv series) through his career of racing on the greatest tracks on planet earth.

Part 1, Nick McMillen

Part 1

34:29 minutes

Part 2, Nick McMillen

Part 2

31:19 minutes

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