2018 Salem Roadster Show

1951 Ford Coupe - GT 51

Craig Wick - Builder
Bruce Leven's GT 51

We've seen and talked about this car, but we finally caught up with builder Craig Wick and he graciously gave us access and details on this fabulous multi-show winning race car. This video contains Craig showing what the shifter looks like in operation, the fog lights turning off and on, and the Volkswagen semaphores popping out from the front and back views. We also have lots of photos that we display throughout the interview.

RDR Interview at SRS 11:32 minutes

1967 Eleanor Mustang Fastback

Jeff Larue
Eleanor Jeff found and completely restored the car to look like the Eleanor Mustang from the Gone in 60 Seconds movie. He provided us with lots of great photos of the build and some fantastic photos from various U.S. locations (including Mount Rushmore and Route 66) spanning the 20,000 miles he has logged since he finished the build.
RDR Interview at SRS 8:16 minutes

1965 Ford Superformance Cobra 427

Mike Holm
1965 Ford Superformance Cobra 427

This is a great looking, great sounding car that Mike is plenty lucky and happy to own. Hear about the extra features and listen to this thing as it exits the show.

RDR Interview at SRS 9:14 minutes

1958 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside

Jacob Lusk - Owner/Builder
1958 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside

Jacob is the shop foreman for Art Morrison, which sets a pretty high bar... but this truck wasn't built by the shop. It was built in Jacob's garage with his dad. Hear how they hunted for and found this all steel truck, and why he made the choices he did. This truck was sitting in the front center of this show for good reason beside one of the most accomplished car's on the recent show circuit (Bruce Leven's GT51) for good reason... see why.

RDR Interview at SRS 9:10 minutes

1932 Ford All Steel Coupe

Kenny Welch and Patrick Johnston
1932 Ford All Steel Coupe Kenny and Patrick from Kenny's Rod Shop in Boise talked to Greg about their all steel 32 Ford Coupe. They talk about the custom mods they made, hand forming the steel, getting the rake that makes it looks so good, setting the fenders up, channeled, chopping the top, and adding the Roush motor.
RDR Interview at SRS 8:42 minutes

1933 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300

Doug Nelson
1933 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Doug bought this car about 5 years ago and it spent most of it's life in Argentina. There were only 15 of these made, and this is the kind of race car driven by Tazio Nuvolari who was the most famous of the time. The car put out over 190 horsepower in 1933 by way of a supercharged engine. This car was designed by Ferrari before there was a Ferrari motor company, when he coordinated the racing section of Alfa Romeo.
RDR Interview at SRS 6:53 minutes

1934 Ford All Steel

Bud Wolfe
1934 Ford Bud bought this 34 Ford for $130 in 1962. He had his fun restoring it as a young man, and as he got more funds and experience restoring other cars... did it the right way in 1993.
RDR Interview at SRS 7:20 minutes

Flame Throwing Barstool V8

Dan and Nancy Pech
Flame Throwing Barstool V8

What do you get when you mix a barstool with a V8? We had to ask Dan and Nancy what they were thinking. In this interview you will hear why and get to see Dan ride this thing out of the show, shoot some flames, and then load it in the trailer!

RDR Interview at SRS 9:11 minutes

1937 Custom Ford Coupe

Bob Ross
37 Ford Coupe

Some dreams take longer than others, and this one took Bob sixteen years to finish. Hear the details and watch him when he exits the show.

RDR Interview at SRS 4:46 minutes

2012 Custom Chopper with Globe Oil Tank

Jason Clifford
Custom Orange Chopper

This was Jason's first custom bike and it forecast a taste of things to come from this creative builder. The oil tank is sucking all of the oil out of the middle east - thus cleverly re-populating the motor... just one of his many thoughtful creations. Listen to him tell the tales of his first creation.

RDR Interview at SRS 3:30 minutes

Award Winning Custom Chopper with Twin Intakes

Jason Clifford
Custom Red Chopper

Jason decided to take his custom efforts to the next level on this bike build which included modular designs that allow for constant moving of various parts to accommodate looks or performance desires. This is a mean bike that gets a lot of attention wherever it is. He showed us some things we haven't seen before, and we've seen a few custom bikes.

RDR Interview at SRS 11:46 minutes

Mini T-Bucket Roadster Show Cars

Jason Clifford
TotRodz Cars

These cars didn't just grab the attention of the young show attenders, but everyone got their eyes full of Jason's creations that partially constructed from wheel barrows. He had several on display and this interview shows and tells.

RDR Interview at SRS 5:58 minutes

1967 Chevelle Malibu

Russ, Teresa, and Branden Horrocks
1967 Chevelle Russ has built many Chevelles over the years, and he used all that experience to build this car right. Hear what he has learned, plus interaction with his wife Teresa and son Brandon.
RDR Interview at SRS 7:52 minutes

1956 Chevrolet BelAir

Pierre Barmore
1956 Belair This car was stored in a barn for around 17 years, before Pierre hauled it home and started working on it. Ten years later he finished the restoration of this terrific BelAir. He supplied us with build photos, so you can see some of the story behind the finished car.
RDR Interview at SRS 8:13 minutes

1994 Chevrolet S10 Drag Truck

Mark Cannoy
1994 S10 Race Truck Mark bought a regular S10 and stuck in a race motor with turbo, full roll cage, tilt rear bed, wheelie bars, and parachute so he can do some drag racing. He's hoping to get close to 1000 hp to get low eight second quarter mile passes.
RDR Interview at SRS 3:45 minutes

1938 Plymouth P2 Rumble Seat Coupe

Russ Paradis
1938 Plymouth P2 Rumble Seat Coupe Russ owns a rare Plymouth P2000 rumble seat coupe. He talks to Greg about the details of the car which features a 1957 392 Hemi and of course a functional rumble seat. See photos throughout the video.
RDR Interview at SRS 6:25 minutes

2018 Malibu Boat - 23LSV

Vince Castronovo
Malibu 23LSV Vince Castronovo has been a Malibu boat owner for several years and upgraded again this year to the all new Malibu 23LSV. He has also been active with Wake the World for many years. Vince talks about the new boat, his role with Wake the World, and more.
RDR Interview at SRS 6:14 minutes

RDR at 2018 Salem Roadster Show

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