2017 Salem Roadster Show

RDR at the 2017 Salem Roadster Show

This 2017 show is our first event of the season. This event was featured in our first car show movie called 2017 Northwest Roadster Shows, where you will see additional photos only found in the movie.

RDR 2017 Salem Roadster Recap Show

Segment 1 - Highlights from Feature Interviews

In the first half of the Recap Show, we show abbreviated versions of the Feature Interviews (see full interviews below).

Segment 1 - Highlights from Feature Interviews 38:02 minutes

2017 SRS Recap - Segment 1

Segment 2 - Recap

Larry, Greg, and Allen provide their overview of the 2017 Salem Roadster Show. They talk about various cars in categories, and this video shows photos and videos of many of the vehicles not included in the interviews.

Segment 2 - Recap Show 33:43 minutes

2017 SRS Recap - Segment 2

2017 Feature Interviews

1932 Ford Street Rod

The Mean Green Machine
Green Machine

Larry interviewed Mike Duncan from Industrial Finishes and Systems. Stuart Barr had the folks at his company build this fantastic looking street rod. Watch for Mike's exit to hear how great this car sounds... we liked it so much, it made the cut in our 2017 RDR trailer!

RDR Interview at SRS 6:06 minutes | Car Photo

1939 Chevrolet Hardtop Coupe

Halo - Custom 39 Coupe

Greg interviewed owner Jerry Kjensrud. Halo is an all steel chopped and channeled 39 coupe with extensive custom body mods making it a top car in any show it attends. It has an oval display that perfectly matches the car's accents. Jerry even gave us a little tire spin action while we were shooting at the end of the event!

RDR Interview at SRS 14:39 minutes | Car Photo

Two Plymouth Superbirds and a Daytona

Three Cars, One Owner
Three Mopars

Larry interviewed Janice Sutherland who owns all three of these great cars, and she is the original owner of the center green Superbird... bought brand new in 1970. Find out how she drove the car as her daily driver and even let her kids drive it in their senior year of high school... and it survived!

RDR Interview at SRS 12:14 minutes | Car Photo

1100HP 1968 Dodge Charger

1100 HP Charger

Greg interviewed owner David Sancewich. The built 440 puts out 1100HP and 1000 ft-lb of torque and has lots of upgrades to handle that kind of power. The story David tells about how he got the car will have you smiling. We caught video of the car exiting the show, and you will like what you hear!

RDR Interview at SRS 14:39 minutes | Car Photo

1958 Pontiac Bonneville


Larry interviewed owner Dennis Montgomery. He recreated a car he owned back in 1962, but took this restoration all the way. The vibrant colors available today helped make this car a show standout.

RDR Interview at SRS 6:57 minutes | Car Photo

1956 Chevy Cameo Pickup

Cameo Pickup

Greg interviewed owner Les Allen. This beautiful Cameo took him over 10 years to complete, but was worth the wait. Les use to be a drag racer so in addition to all the great things he did to make the truck look nice, it is dyno'd at around 600 HP! The video includes photos he supplied of the video and some from a photo shoot.

RDR Interview at SRS 15:40 minutes | Pickup Photo

1954 Custom Chevy Pickup

54 Custom Pickup

Larry interviewed Rick Johnson who is the owner and builder of this extremely custom pickup that features a chopped top, suicide doors, semi head lights, more modern bed, Foose wheels, and more.

RDR Interview at SRS 10:40 minutes | Pickup Photo

1963 Chevrolet Corvette


Greg interviewed owner John Callison who loves his car, but after 20 years got tired of it sitting so much and decided to give it upgrades to make it a more enjoyable car to drive and enjoy... which turned out to be most of the car.

RDR Interview at SRS 9:31 minutes | Car Photo

1961 Custom Chevrolet Impala


Larry interviewed owner Roy Wells. This fabulous Impala is slammed and tubbed, with 16 inch wide tires on the back... then consider the nice color combination, a strong motor, and leather interior... and you end up with one sweet bubble top. Hear Roy talk about why he went with coil overs in the back and air ride in the front, while salivating on some sweet visuals of the car.

RDR Interview at SRS 8:18 minutes | Car Photo

1953 Alvis Drophead


Greg interviewed Alvis owner Dave Rasmussen. This English car is very popular in parades partially because of the multiple top configurations. This is also the car and color scheme of Superman and Dave explains some of that in this interview.

RDR Interview at SRS 9:23 minutes | Car Photo

Bonus Interviews

Two 1965 Mustangs


Allen from Rides Done Right interviewed owner Arnie Vohland. What to buy, a coupe or a fastback? Arnie opted for both. Get the story in this quick interview.

RDR Interview at SRS 3:38 minutes | Car Photo

Semi for 5th Wheel and Cycle

Truck and Bike

Larry interviewed owner Al Peirish who went out and bought a semi to pull his fifth wheel around. He had no truck experience before and talks about that first terrifying drive home. He also talks about the hoist he uses to take the motorcycle off and on the semi.

RDR Interview at SRS 9:23 minutes | Truck Photo

Sounds from SRS

Russ Strohmeyer

Larry talked to Russ Strohmeyer - a professional photographer for years that expanded his skills to professional quality sounds at all kinds of events. He not only attends shows, but hosts them as well.

RDR Interview at SRS 8:10 minutes | Stro Biz

SRS Promoters


Larry sat down with the Salem Roadster Show promoters Greg Roach and Bob Symons to talk about this show and next year's show.

RDR Interview at SRS 9:15 minutes

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See more details at the Salem Roadster Show website.


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