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Nexx North America

Nexx North America

Racing and Street Helmets

The cool designs originally drew me to them, but as I read about their products I was intrigued by the light weight carbon fiber and forward thinking COM support. I hadn't heard of the Nexx brand before, but found that they are pretty well known in the Eugopean scene.

See my Nexx Helmets page...

for RDR photos and videos related to NEXX helmets.

XR2 Torpedo Red



Custom Painted Fairings

I couldn't justify risking perfect OEM body parts at the track... especially since each of these bikes had special edition or team themes that are more valuable than standard. I've bought the cheapest fairings before, so I decided to try spending a little more (between cheap and OEM) to see how the next step up in price would be by comparison. I had iFairings do custom schemes that were based on the Yamaha Valencia edition, with a few tweaks I added. I even decided to put that theme on the Ninja, so they would all match.

See my iFairings page...

for photos on my 2013 Yamaha R1, 2015 Yamaha R3, 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300.

RDR 2018 Bikes with iFairings

Competition Werkes

Competition Werkes

Slip Ons and Fender Eliminators

My first experience with Competition Werkes was putting their slip on and fender eliminator on my Ducati Diavel (check out my review with video, photos, and details at Project Diavel site). I like running as loud as possible on the street, so cars and everybody will know where I am... even if I didn't like the sound (but I do) I would still do it for safety... even if folks look annoyed when they look back at me in traffic... at least they are looking.

See my Competition Werkes page...

page for photos and videos where you will see, hear, and compare them to stock - on my 2013 Yamaha R1, 2015 Yamaha R3, 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300.

Yamaha R1



Bike and Multi-Use Stands

My first experience with Bursig was using their stand on my Ducati Diavel (check out my review with video, photos, and details at Project Diavel site). My Ducati spends the majority of life in the air on my Bursig stand and it is terrific for use in the garage and at events.

In addition to their amazing stands on our 2018 lineup, I am excited to have their Paddock Wizard (by Rieger-Rennsport) to keep my helmet cool, hang my suit, store my related supplies, outdoor outlets, wheel holder (and outlet for tire warmers), and multi-purpose table. See it in our Bursig and gear/garage section.

See my Bursig page...

for photos related to my 2013 Yamaha R1, 2015 Yamaha R3, 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300, and gear/garage.

Multiple Bursig Stands with RDR



GP Air Track Vest

I've heard about this technology and always thought it would be nice to have, but the suits were priced too far out for me to consider. When I saw this vest, I thought it offered me a middle price point that would get me extra protection that could really make a difference. Wait until you see the air bag deploy!

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for photos and videos related to my 2018 gear additions.

Helite Vest Open

T-Rex Racing

T-Rex Racing

R3, Ninja 300, R1 Protection, Strapless Tie Downs

T-Rex Racing designs and manufactures their own products. All of their stands, frame sliders, and chocks are formed, welded and painted by hand. All of their products are carefully scrutinized by their staff before leaving the factory.

See my T-Rex Racing page...

for photos and videos related to my 2015 Yamaha R3 (frame sliders, case guards, axle sliders, rear spools), 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300 (frame sliders, rear spools), 2013 Yamaha R1 (frame sliders, axle sliders, rear spools), and their strapless tiedowns in my trailer!

R3 Side Shown


Heroic Racing Apparel

Custom Suit and Gloves

I started out with the cheapest suit I could get at Cycle Gear, and it was pretty uncomfortable. Last year I went to the next level... but this year I decided to go for it. I searched for custom suit makers and found Todd McNabney in New York, who has roots in track days. I loved his story and after checking out their site and his credentials... it made my decision to select Heroic a no brainer.

See my Heroic Racing page...

for photos and videos related to my 2018 gear additions.

Rides Done Right Suit

Woodcraft Technologies

Woodcraft Technologies

R1 and R3 Rearsets

When I think of rearsets on sportbikes, one of the first names that I think of is Woodcraft... even though I had never bought their products before. I bought some cheap eBay rearsets for my 2001 R1 and when I stood up on the pegs, I always worried about if they would hold up. I decided to go for it this year and sprung for rearsets for my R1 and R3.

See my Woodcraft page...

for rearsets photos on my 2013 Yamaha R1 and 2015 Yamaha R3.

R1 Rearsets Mounted

Dave Moss Tuning

Dave Moss Tuning

Tuning Bikes

World renowned tuner Dave Moss (of Feel the Track) will be helping me setup my bike. See the differences between riders and bikes, and we are planning on getting on the track with Dave for his analysis as well. Dave also has some nice video equipment to add some nice options.

See my DMT page

... and see photos related to this series.



Tank and Frame Grip and Protection

STOMPGRIP helps me have a much more secure/stable connection with my bikes, plus they keep my bikes from getting scratched up.

See my STOMPGRIP page...

for photos with their products related to my 2013 Yamaha R1, 2015 Yamaha R3, and 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300.


Bridgestone by HH Performance


In 2017, I ran Bridgestone 003 and this year I am upgrading on my new bikes to Bridgestone S21 (R1), RS10 (R3), and S20 (Ninja).

See my Bridgestone page

2018 Featured Tracks

Portland International Raceway
Mac Track
Pacific Raceways


Big Track Practice and Instruction - Portland International Raceway / Pacific Raceways

After a great first season of instruction, practice, and hanging out... I'm planning on having more fun with 2Fast in Return to Track Days. Like last year, I will be going to their track days at PIR... which are not only good days to ride, but many of the guys racing with OMRRA on the same weekend show up to practice, so we get to witness great riders hauling around the track in the faster classes. I'm also going to try to go to one of the WA tracks this season.

See my 2Fast page for photos and videos related to 2Fast.

Portland Karting Association

Portland Karting Association

Small Track Practice - The Mac Track

After Bill, Jeff, and AJ (from Journey to Track Days) talked about the advantages of taking a smaller bike to smaller tracks to get better, I went out and got my small bikes this winter and started checking out smaller tracks. They frequent the Mac Track, so I looked them up and I'll be spending as many of my days off as I can practicing they all summer. The PKA offers practice during the week throughout much of the year, and they conduct various types of racing events on the weekends with practice on Saturdays and racing on Sundays.

See my Portland Karting Association page for photos and videos related to Portland Karting Association.



Big Track Practice - Portland International Raceway

In 2015, I bought my first Ducati after visiting the top Ducati dealer in North America, which happens to be located 70 miles from me. In August I'm going to check out a MOTOCORSA track day at PIR.

See my MOTOCORSA page for photos related to MOTOCORSA.

In 2017 we did a trailer prep video that showed what I did on a tight budget... but in 2018, I cracked open my piggy bank and bought a brand new 2018 bigger, wider, more custom decals, nicer storage, amazing chock setups, my strappless tiedown setup, and a sweet looking trailer loaded with diamond plate extras. I am doing enough to this trailer to justify a little series that will cover what I did and how it turned out. These trailer photos show some of my work so far.

See my Trailer Prep Series

Trailer Outside
Trailer Inside
Condor Products

Condor Products

Security, Support, and Transport

I installed three Condor chocks including one in the middle that is e-track adjustable. They offered everything we needed to properly haul, and these things are much easier to remove than my old ones... allowing us to move them around when we are sleeping in the trailer.

See my Condor Products page...

for photos with their products related to my trailer and hauling my bikes.

Western Interiors

Western Interiors

Trailer Flooring

I've been a long time customer of Western Interiors and for many years before that our dad was a long time customer. My brother had them do his trailer, so I got a hold of them to do the floor in mine. It wasn't a straight forward as you might think (the trailer floor wasn't totally flat), so we came up with some nice solutions plus some other ideas that you won't find in the everyday trailer setup.

See my Western Interiors page...

for photos and look for the timelapse in the trailer prep video.

Gen-Y Hitch

Gen-Y Hitch

Heavy Duty Torsion Hitch

If you have a trailer, you need to find out why I had to spring for the best hitch money can buy.

See my Gen-Y Hitch page...

for photos.

Todd Hollis Automotive

Todd Hollis Automotive

Paint Matching

Todd has been painting show winning cars at the top level for years. The fairing kit for the R1 didn't come with a tank, so I bought another tank and had Todd color match it. In addition, he color matched our new TV booth display.

Riding Belt Industries

Riding Belt Industries

The ONLY Way to Ride Two Up

Everyone in my family loves to ride two up, but we always had the problem of not having anything for them to hang on to when riding as a passenger. At our 2017 track days at PIR, we constantly saw Q and Amber flying around the track (which is extremely impressive on it's own)... but I had to see how Amber was staying on the bike. Q showed me the belt he rides with from Riding Belt Industries, and it is the best I've seen. This is a high quality belt that gives my passengers (including my little ones) something to hold on to. Whether on the track or wanting to take your kid around the block on the street, make sure your loved ones have this to hang on to.

Q and Amber

If you are a vendor and interested in teaming up on this series or any of our events, please contact Larry to discuss the options.