2013 Yamaha R1

Right after completing the 2017 season, I decided to dive deaper into my commitment of track days. I sold my cool car, and used the cash to upgrade bikes and parts for the 2018 season. During his search, I found a 2013 Yamaha R1 that only had 200 miles on it! It was completely stock with zero upgrades. This was a deal I wasn't willing to pass up. What were some of the reasons that I chose this bike?

  • I've had two R1's before and many Yamahas;
  • I love the sound of them (especially after hearing them rip the straight at PIR all year);
  • The 2013 was the 2nd year of TC, where they worked out a couple of issues on the 2012s - including the tune (great throttle response).
2013 Yamaha R1


Yamaha R1 These are the preview photos we were sent prior to the clear coat. As always, click the photos to see the larger versions.
2013 Yamaha R1

Installation video coming soon!

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Slip Ons and Fender Eliminators

GP Slip-On Exhaust (+ Black Velvet)

Product ID: WY1009 (2009+ Yamaha R1 GP Dual Slip On Exhaust)

Limited Fender Eliminator

Product ID: 1Y1009LTD (09-14 Yamaha R1 LTD Fender Kit)

Integrated Taillight

Product ID: MPH-50090 (09-14 Yamaha R1 Integrated Taillight)

Flush Mount Front Signals

Competition Werkes
Yamaha R1
Close up CW Exhaust on R1
R1 Competition Werkes Slip Ons Closeup

Installation video coming soon!

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Bike Stand


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R1 Stand
Bursig for R1 1

Bursig for R1 2
Bursig for R1 3
Bursig for R1 4

Installation video coming soon!

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Woodcraft Technologies

Yamaha R1 Rearset Assembly

Part 05-0452B + Folding Toe Pieces (shifter and brake)
R1 Rearsets
R1 Rearsets Mounted
R1 Rearsets Mounted

Installation video coming soon!

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T-Rex Racing

Protection and hauling the 2013 Yamaha R1

Yamaha R1 frame sliders, axle sliders, rear spools, strapless tie down.

Click photos to see higher resolution.

R1 Frame Slider 1
R1 Frame Slider 2
R1 Frame Slider 3
R1 Strapless

R1 Spools
Engine Case Left
Engine Case Right

Installation video coming soon!

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2013 Yamaha R1 - RDR Evolution

Day 1

Original Yamaha R1 Body This is how it looked when I brought it home.


R1 again I blacked out the factory white stripes and added my wide white stripes. Competition Werkes slip ons mounted with fender eliminator and flush mount signals.

More Decals

R1 and R3 I originally added the red stripes to bring some red into the scheme to match my colors... but then decided to go after a color matching scheme.

New Look

2013 Yamaha R1

Art Fun

Larry's R1 Art
2018 Friends

NEXX North America (helmets); iFairings (custom color matched fairings for the R1, R3, and Ninja); Competition Werkes (exhausts, fender eliminators, integrated lights for R1, R3, and Ninja); Bursig (stands, paddock wizard); T-Rex (R1, R3, Ninja protection, strapless tie downs); Woodcraft (rearsets R1, R3); Helite (air vest), 2-Fast (PIR Friday, ORP track days and rider instruction); Portland Karting Association (Mac Track); Stompgrip (body grips); Pacific Synthetic Oil and Lube (all RDR vehicles); Trailer prep: Condor (chocks, tie downs, and more), Western Interiors (custom floor)