Trailer on Rides Done Right

After my first taste of track days in 2017, I knew I would spend time and money in the off season to upgrade as much as I could for 2018. Last year I did a video called Trailer Prep where I talked about basics needed to go to the track.

Trailer Upgrade Highlights

2018 Trailer | Chocks and Supports | Strapless Tie Downs | Custom Flooring | Torsion Hitch

This year, we upgraded to a brand new 2018 Pro Series trailer, moving from a 12ft to a 16ft VNose. We also went from 7ft wide 8.5ft wide, and I quickly realized I needed to upgrade my mirror system to get a bigger and wider view. The trailer also had a couple of visual features I was wanting - minimal external screws and an interior with finished walls and ceiling. It also happened to have some other nice upgrades like a lot of diamond plate instead of plain polished, an RV door. Like with my cars, stock wheels had to go so I got some that match my tow rig better. After getting all of these upgrades I determined that I better upgrade my security, so I basically got every kind of locking mechanism I could find to get everything as secure as possible.

I did some custom art to match my R1, so had some decals made up and ordered some striping. This is the largest decal project I've ever installed and I quickly realized I was over my head. It took me several days and it isn't perfect, but it turned out as good as it could given my budget and talent limitations.

Current Trailer

This is our 2018 trailer shown at the 2018 Northwest Rodarama near the end of March. As with most photos on RDR pages, click the photos to see them in a higher resolution.

2018 Trailer Prep Video

RDR Video and Photos of 2018 Trailer Prep 9:11 minutes

T-Rex Racing will be on our Trailer

T-Rex Racing

T-Rex Racing Strapless Tie Downs - Trailer Restraints

Wait until you see our color matched bikes, sitting in the color matched interior (with interior decals that match the bikes), with these beautiful strapless tie down setups. The photos we are currently displaying were during the first installation in February in our old trailer. Their video will feature photos in both trailers, but more importantly in our new sweet setup when it is done in April.

See our T-Rex Racing page for details.

Trailer Final 5


R1 Strapless

R3 (back view)

R3 Strapless 1

R3 (side view)

R3 Strapless 2

Condor Products will be in our Trailer

Condor Products

Chocks and Other Trailer Accessories

In the first week of March, Condor Products joined us for the 2018 season. We will be showing their e-track adjustable chock in our middle front bike stall, while both of the back stalls will display their Pit Stop chocks (attaching to T-Rex strapless tie downs), and more of their related accessories.

See our Condor Products page for details.

Western Interiors for Flooring

Western Interiors

Checkerboard Done Right

My friends at Western Interiors helped me come up with the best combination of the looks I wanted, while still getting durability and useability. I chose the top grade of Armstrong vinyl in the largest checkerboard pattern I could find, with some marbling in both colors to help hide dirt/scuff issues.

See our Western Interiors page for details.

Gen-Y Hitch

Gen-Y Hitch

Heavy Duty Torsion Hitch

If you have a trailer, you need to find out why I had to spring for the best hitch money can buy.

See our Gen-Y Hitch page for details.


Stage 1 - 3/9/2018

After I settled down, I decided to go all in and bought a brand new 2018 Pro Series trailer with finished walls and ceiling.
Current Trailer 2
Current Trailer 3
Current Trailer 4

Stage 2 - Cell Phone on 3/13/2018

I got the first part of the decals on in time for the 2018 Portland Roadster Show. I had to use my old chock system, since my Condor setup hasn't arrived... but I did manage to install my T-Rex Racing strapless tie down setup.
Current Trailer z1
Current Trailer z2
Current Trailer z3
Current Trailer z4

Stage 3 - 4/1/2018

I finished the outside and inside decals for this round. Notice that I carried the theme from the outside into the inside. My new Condor chock systems are on their way. I still need to mount the black e-track pieces (shown laying random on the floor) to the wall in the middle of the black stripes so they will be less visible.
New Trailer Horizontal
New Trailer Outside Front
New Trailer Outside to Inside
New Trailer Back View

Stage 4 - 5/15/2018

Trailer Final 1
Trailer Final 2
Trailer Final 3
Trailer Final 4
Trailer Final 5
Trailer Final 6
Trailer Final 7
Trailer Final 8
Trailer Final 9
Trailer Final 10
Trailer Final 11
Trailer Final 12
2018 Friends

NEXX North America (helmets); iFairings (custom color matched fairings for the R1, R3, and Ninja); Competition Werkes (exhausts, fender eliminators, integrated lights for R1, R3, and Ninja); Bursig (stands, paddock wizard); T-Rex (R1, R3, Ninja protection, strapless tie downs); Woodcraft (rearsets R1, R3); Helite (air vest), 2-Fast (PIR and Pacific Raceways); Portland Karting Association (Mac Track); Stompgrip (body grips); Trailer prep: Condor (chocks, tie downs, and more), Western Interiors (custom floor), Heroic Racing (custom suit and gloves), Dave Moss Tuning (R3 setup), Adam Black (Bridgestone tires)