NEXX Helmets and Return to Track Days

NEXX Helmets

NEXX Helmets

A NEXX helmet is immediately recognizable. The "wow" factor is their drive and what makes them different from others.

Fueled by this obsession and energy, they transform their design and development skills into magic-filled products, ready to solve their customers' challenges, no matter how big or small they are.

Their helmet selection range is the combination of hard work, dedication and passion with state-of-the-art and high-tech components that guarantee uncompromised safety and quality.

NEXX is in over 60 nations throughout the world – embraces the dreams of different styles of Motorcyclists, with class-leading motorcycle helmets.

NEXX North America


Check back throughout the season as we continue to update photos and videos to this page.

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RDR's 2018 Season Helmets

What shoes are to some people, helmets are to me (I have more than one). I started looking through Google images and found these helmets.

The cool designs originally drew me to them, but as I read about their products I was intrigued by the light weight carbon fiber and forward thinking communications support. I hadn't heard of the brand before, but found that they are pretty well known in the European scene.

RDR Review Compare to Bell Carbon Race 4:44 minutes

This video compares the NEXX XR2 carbon fiber helmet to the Bell Carbon Race. In 2018 RDR teamed up with NEXX North America for the season and Larry wore their XR2 helmets on the track. This video features the NEXX XR2 Carbon Pure, Acid, Torpedo, and the Fuel and includes lots of photos and videos of each helmet in a 360 rotation of the helmet with the shield down and then up. Larry usually puts his logo on the chin of his helmets, but that and the tinted shield are the only helmet modifications.

NEXX Helmets on my Truck

XR2 Torpedo Red

I had my eyes on this helmet for a while and pulled the trigger this year. One of my favorite designs ever.

RDR Video and Photos of the XR2 Torpedo 2:47 minutes

XR2 Torpedo Red
XR2 Torpedo Red
XR2 Torpedo Red
XR2 Torpedo Red
XR2 Torpedo Red
XR2 Torpedo Red 5
XR2 Torpedo Red 6
XR2 Torpedo Red 7

XR2 Carbon Pure White

This is currently the lightest track helmet available at just 2lbs 12oz!!

RDR Video and Photos of the XR2 Carbon Pure 2:31 minutes

XR2 Carbon Pure
XR2 Carbon Pure
XR2 Carbon Pure
XR2 Carbon Pure
XR2 Carbon Pure 4
XR2 Carbon Pure 5

XR2 Fuel

This season's matching bikes really got me thinking that I'd like to add a white based helmet to my helmet stable.

RDR Video and Photos of the XR2 Fuel 2:22 minutes

XR2 Fuel
XR2 Fuel 1
XR2 Fuel 2
XR2 Fuel 3
XR2 Fuel 4
XR2 Fuel 5
XR2 Fuel 6
XR2 Fuel 7

XR2 Acid White

I like the graphics and another white option to match my scheme for 2018.

RDR Video and Photos of the XR2 Acid 2:06 minutes

XR2 Acid White
XR2 Acid 1
XR2 Acid 2
XR2 Acid 3
XR2 Acid 4
XR2 Acid 5
XR2 Acid 6

XT1 Carbon Zero

This is one of the street helmets I'm using with my Ducati. I also plan on using these with the built in XCom to talk to folks while teaching them how to ride.

XT1 Zero
2018 Friends

NEXX North America (helmets); iFairings (custom color matched fairings for the R1, R3, and Ninja); Competition Werkes (exhausts, fender eliminators, integrated lights for R1, R3, and Ninja); Bursig (stands, paddock wizard); T-Rex (R1, R3, Ninja protection, strapless tie downs); Woodcraft (rearsets R1, R3); Helite (air vest), 2-Fast (PIR and Pacific Raceways); Portland Karting Association (Mac Track); Stompgrip (body grips); Trailer prep: Condor (chocks, tie downs, and more), Western Interiors (custom floor), Heroic Racing (custom suit and gloves), Dave Moss Tuning (R3 setup), Adam Black (Bridgestone tires)