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Brittany hauls! I found out quickly that this sport is full of great riders of all types, even pretty girls. In addition to being a fast rider and nice looking, she has intelligence and combined with a quick wit, she can quickly put anybody in their place. She has a great passion to expand the female population in this sport and is very approachable. She is easy to find at the track... with one of the best looking bike/rider combos out there.

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MEGA MAC - 07/16/2018

We invited some of our friends to a private track day so we could do photos and drone footage that can only be done in a closed environment. We had never done this before, so we weren't sure if we would do it again... so we went all out with two drones, four photographers, food and a lot of water. It was a scorching 104 degrees that day and the track temp taken in the pits was over 130 degrees!

MEGA MAC Invitational 6:15 minutes

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