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The 2020 motorcycle video series called Road to Adventure has officially begun and we are building out the new area on our site as well as prepping bikes and beginning to ride. The series will introduce Adventure riding and continue to feature on track sport bikes.

We have been posting videos from the 2020 Salem Roadster Show and are nearly complete. The COVID-19 pandemic prevented the Portland Roadster Show from happening this year, and has been causing havoc on race track openings, but it appears there may be some opportunities coming soon. In the mean time, we will inject other social distancing related videos as we find fun ways to fill the gap.

We are finishing and will be posting the last of 2019 our car show videos, and then we will begin working on our 2020 Salem Roadster Show videos. After that, we plan to post the rest of our 2019 motorcycle racer profile videos before starting our summer motorcycle series. In addition, we are planning on covering a karting event in May.

Today we launched a five episode series called "Road to Road Racing: The Video Series" which is our largest combined video project (comparable to our first movie), and the cumulative episodes can be watched back-to-back for a total of an hour and thirty seven minutes. The intention of the series is to motivate others to follow their dreams at any age or size and to show some of the process to those that may be interested in doing a track day, getting a motorcycle road racing license, or racing.

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Shift S3ctor Interview Recap of the 2016 Oregon Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack.
Don't Blink Driver Interview Video Fun interview that includes four onboard cameras mounted to 2500HP Lambo.
PRS Recap Recap of the 2016 Portland Roadster Show.
Project Diavel Mini Movie Fun video we did with our local police.

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