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A great late summer of riding while doing upgrades the whole time, lead us to the profile video of the Rocket 3 accessories which includes photos and video of the bike. Visit the Rocket 3 profile for links.

After a lot of thought and research, Larry broke open the piggy bank and got the 2500cc Triumph Rocket 3 GT. The Triumph has been redesigned to be a sweet muscle bike, and our mods have begun. See the details in our 2022 motorcycle profile and check back often to see the progress.

Cars, bikes, bikes, cars... our eyes will be open as usual this year and after 2020 we've learned plans change. As usual - we have cars, bikes, and tracks on our list... and after learning that adventure riding is fun... adventure has moved to the number 1 spot for us to plan for 2021. So why not add another adventure bike to the stable... supersize it, and trick it out as well?! Standby for more bikes, more cool parts, and more fun.

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Each of our event areas provide links to all of our related YouTube videos... PLUS extra links to photos and additional information, so make sure you check each of the events for more details.

Shift S3ctor Interview Recap of the 2016 Oregon Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack.
Don't Blink Driver Interview Video Fun interview that includes four onboard cameras mounted to 2500HP Lambo.
PRS Recap Recap of the 2016 Portland Roadster Show.
Project Diavel Mini Movie Fun video we did with our local police.

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RDR uses YouTube to host our videos and prodominently Facebook to interact. We also have a presence on Instagram and Twitter. We interview enthusiats, give our opinions, do product options, and create our show videos - all to have a fun time discussing issues that those of us with motorized toys are passionate about. We attend cool events and pick folks to hang out with and find out about their rides or tricking stuff out. The more folks subscribe to our YouTube channel, Like us on Facebook, and leave positive comments in all of our areas, the more opportunities we will have to bring great stuff.

Please help us spread the word and try to get others to participate as well.

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