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We want to make sure everyone knows that before the end of this year we will also be posting videos covering the 2019 Portland Roadster Show, the 2019 Salem Roadster Show, Rider Instruction with Jason Pridmore, PKA Kart Racing, and top racer profiles.
Larry completed the New Racer School and got his license, then raced his first race. Glad to have that footage for the series LOL. Stay tuned.
We have the busiest summer series plans ever as Larry practices, and then attempts to get his road racing license. We will be covering the New Racer School as well as interviews with other racers entering into the sport and winning on some of the fastest bikes and most competitive racing you will find.
We had a great time at both the 2019 Portland Roadster Show and the 2019 Salem Roadster Show and look forward to editing and posting those videos later this year. It is going to be a busy summer as we quickly shift gears to motorcycles get ready for the summer video series.
In this week's NWRR Podcast Larry had an opportunity to talk about growth related to motorcycle road racing. He mentioned a new RDR racing section that provides tips for growth related to fans, racers, dealerships, promoters, social media, sponsors, and racing organizations.
Our friend Bill Youngblood has launched a podcast covering topics related to motorcycle road racing and track days in the Northwest. New episodes post each week and you can find them here on our page called Northwest Road Racing Podcast.

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Shift S3ctor Interview Recap of the 2016 Oregon Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack.
Don't Blink Driver Interview Video Fun interview that includes four onboard cameras mounted to 2500HP Lambo.
PRS Recap Recap of the 2016 Portland Roadster Show.
Project Diavel Mini Movie Fun video we did with our local police.

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