2016 Northwest Rodarama

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Rides Done Right at the 2016 Northwest Rodarama

In 2016, Rides Done Right started appearing at the Northwest Rodarama in Puyallup Washington.

RDR Show

RDR Show at NW Rodarama

Larry asked last year's Northwest Rodarama Hall of Fame winner Greg Meyer to be the guest co-host for the RDR Show. We walked through the event and then sat down and talked about some of our favorites.

RDR Recap of Show | Show Walk Around

2016 Hall of Fame Winners

We captured some of the awards via a cell phone and mixed that video with some of our other footage to let you see some of the moments. The footage includes this year's Hall of Fame winners.

NWR Awards

1960 Cadillac Coupe DeVille - Copper Caddy

Copper Caddy Jerry Logan, owner of the "Copper Caddy" has already enjoyed a lot of success, and now you can add 2016 Northwest Rodarama Hall of Fame to that list. Look at our other NWR show videos to see and hear more about Jerry's cars.

Jerry Logan Getting Award

Jerry Logan Jerry Logan holding the trophy with the builders Dave Kindig and Kevin Schiele (KevDogg) of Kindig-It Designs out of Utah.

RDR Interview at PRS | Car Photo | Award Photo | Jerry's Website

1951 Black Merc

Black Merc Car Photo

Mr. and Mrs. Collins

Mr. Collins Owners came all the way from Canada with a beautiful black Merc. Look at our other NWR show videos to see and hear more about this sweet car.

Award Photo

Art Fun with Velocity Channel Stars

Kindig-It Designs

Dave Kindig

Dave Kindig Dave had a busy weekend and after a full day with the fans, still took some time to swing by and free hand draw Larry a custom roadster.

Drawing and Speaking about Lowriders | Full Size Photo | Dave's Website | Store | Apparel

Kevin Schiele (KevDogg)

Kevin Schiele KevDogg had a long day on Saturday holding down the Kindig fort, but still stopped by to accept Larry's challenge to see who could draw the better boat, Copper Caddy, and portrait of Dave Kindig. How did they do? Watch the video and you be the judge!

Fun Time with Kevin | Full Size Photo

RDR Featured Participants

Ray Young

69 Camaro Z28
1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - OutRayJus
572cu with ProCharger F-2 SuperChager putting out 1800+ hp! And in case his friends have the nuts to go for a ride, he has 4pt harnesses in the back seats as well as the fronts!

RDR Interview | Full Size Photo

Bob Cook

Chev Hemi
1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 2Dr Hard Top - Hemi?
472cu 530hp Hemi stuck in a Bel Air. If that doesn't get your attention, that beautiful interior will.

RDR Interview | Full Size Photo

Denny Olson - Builder

39 Ute
1939 Ford Australian Ute
RDR Interview | Full Size Photo

Bud Wolfe

60 Edsel
Custom 1960 Edsel
RDR Interview | Full Size Photo

Rocky Becker

63 Corvette
1963 Corvette Tribute Car
RDR Interview | Full Size Photo

Vilo Sovthichack

Impala Lowrider
1964 Chevrolet Impala - Mission Impossible
RDR Interview | Full Size Photo

Special Treat!

Duane first introduced Larry to Vilo for his interview and throughout that time we felt an instant connection with this whole group of really great people. They treated us so nice and were so respectful, we decided to see if it might be possible to get a little special after show action and they were totally up for it. We talked to the promoters who were very supportive and even announced the event on the intercom.

See photos below (click links to see larger views). Larry said he felt so blessed that they took the time to do the group photos that he will always cherish.

Eazy Duz It Low Rider Parade
Lowrider Strollers

Super Cool Strollers

Full Size Photo
Lowrider Crew - Serious Look

Lowrider Crew - Serious Look

Full Size Photo
Lowrider Crew - Happy Look

Lowrider Crew - Happy Look

Full Size Photo
Lowrider Crew - Crazy Look

Lowrider Crew - Crazy Look

Full Size Photo

Bonus Guests

Show Emcee - Lance Lambert

Lance Lambert Lance hosts has had his own television car show called The Vintage Vehicle Show for 23 years now, and in addition is a best selling author. He has been a journalist for years and published in several magazines over the years, as well as the Seattle Times. His interviews include big names like Jay Leno, Chip Foose, George Barris, Barry McGuire, Dennis Gage... and that list goes on.

RDR Interview | Full Size Photo | Lance's Website

Show Promoter - Gary Scheibal

Gary Scheibal Gary and his wife Linda have a nice car collection and along with co-Promoter Larry Hanson, go to great lengths to bring the state and Northwest a high quality car show. He talks about how he got into this hobby and then talks about how this special group of promoters put together such a great show.

RDR Interview | Full Size Photo

Prior Hall of Fame

Willys Winner

Don Lulay's 41 Willys is For Sale

The 2014 Hall of Fame inductee Willys is now for sale. Over $400k invested and the sale will include the $25k custom display. Don is motivated to sell. See more at the Willys site and email Larry at RidesDoneRight@lulays.com for details.

Full Size Photo | Video

Northwest Rodarama

For more of their details, visit the Official Northwest Rodarama website.

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