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Pearce Lutz Celebration of Life

Pearce Celebration of Life

June 2019 was devastating after the loss of Pearce from an accident at The Ridge. We created this video with the help of lots of his friends to highlight some of the cool things he experienced in his brief racing career. He was a paramedic that had helped save many lives and was honored at the celebration of life on June 29, 2019 at the Salem Armory in Salem Oregon. Many of his racing friends and mentors were in attendance to honor him on this day and we appreciate all that took the time to attend. Contributors included: Bob Edwards, Minh-Tri Le, Sam Stacey, Kristin Gore, Oliver Jervis, and anyone else I missed.

Celebration of Life 19:37 minutes

RDR Pearce Lutz Videos

As we followed our 600 novice friends from last year, we met Pearce this year and he quickly became a part of the Return to Track Days series. As it turned out, he was the major player that posed the biggest threat to Jeff Toevs' run at the championship. His chase for the championship went to the last race and Pearce came out on top as the 2018 OMRRA 600 Novice Champion. You can catch up with Pearce on Facebook at Lutz Road Racing.

Pearce Profile
Practice with One-on-One Instruction: Recap Show

MAC Track 2 - 10/01/2018

Our 2nd invitational was on October 1, 2018 and we had a great day. We ran the MAC Track CCW the first half of the day, then we ran it CW the second half. A mix of experience was on display - from very experienced racer on this track (Alex Taylor), experienced racer but first day on this track (Kumpy Kump), one of the fastest guys at the top level (Jeremy Coffey), to track day rider with first season on this track (Larry Lulay). Some of our OMRRA 600 Novice guys were there riding as well (Pearce Lutz and Bill Youngblood), and Jeffrey Toevs hung out with us. Thank God Adolfo Valdovinos showed up with his Z125... he was so cool letting others ride his bike at the track and giving us some great photo ops... plus he was willing to sacrafice his GoPro on the track for some cool ride bys.

Practice with One-on-One Instruction: Recap Show 8:00 minutes

MEGA MAC - 07/16/2018

We invited some of our friends to a private track day so we could do photos and drone footage that can only be done in a closed environment. We had never done this before, so we weren't sure if we would do it again... so we went all out with two drones, four photographers, food and a lot of water. It was a scorching 104 degrees that day and the track temp taken in the pits was over 130 degrees!

MEGA MAC Invitational 6:15 minutes

Road to Road Racing Video Series

Pearce was featured in our five episode video series which includes never before seen photos and video that span 2017 to 2019, with the last three videos focusing on the events that occurred in 2019.

RDR: The Video Series

R2RR Video Series

Riveting 2018 OMRRA 600 Novice Championship

Round 7 - Saturday with Jeff Toevs and Pearce Lutz


With four points separating them, the final round will determine who will be the 2018 OMRRA 600cc Novice Champion and this first of two races resulted in the closest finish of the season! See the onboard footage and hear Jeffrey and Pearce recap the race.

Race 1: Jeff Toevs and Pearce Lutz Recap 7:13 minutes

Round 7 - Sunday with Jeff Toevs and Pearce Lutz


The final race determined the 2018 OMRRA 600cc Novice Championship between Jeffrey Toevs and Pearce Lutz - where they were seperated by one point. See the exciting onboard footage and hear Jeff and Pearce recap the race.

Race 2: Jeff Toevs and Pearce Lutz Recap 14:52 minutes

Jeff Toevs and Pearce Lutz Recap


With just one race weekend left, there was a change at the top of the standings in the 600 novice OMRRA class with Jeffrey Toevs winning again. He now has a 4 point lead over Pearce Lutz who had just ran the fastest lap at PIR by anyone in the class the day before. This sets the stage for an excellent race weekend in September. Includes front and back facing onboard footage from Pearce's bike.

Jeff Toevs and Pearce Lutz Recap 7:30 minutes

Round 5 - Sunday Interview with Pearce Lutz


Hear Sportsman 600 winner Pearce Lutz talk about overcoming challenges from the Round 5 OMRRA event on 7/22/2018.

Pearce Lutz Recap 2:51 minutes

Road Racing Highlights

2019 Pacific Raceways 600 Supersport Kawasaki ZX6R 1st
2018 OMRRA 600 Novice Kawasaki ZX6R Champion
2018 PIR 600 Novice Kawasaki ZX6R 2 x 1st

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